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Small Church Wholeness

Pathway Guide: Shawn Johnson

There are far more “small churches” – 250 or fewer members and often far smaller in number – than large ones. However, the success stories and strategy books rarely highlight what would actually benefit those who worship in these congregations. Small churches are found in big cities, urban inner centers, rural towns, mission locations, and in every other nook and cranny of the brotherhood. The speakers in this Small-Church Wholeness pathway will address a variety of different areas that are of dedicated interest to those who love and labor alongside those in smaller assemblies.  

Pathway Classes

Small Church But Right Focus | David Wayne Nelson

Much energy is often invested in growing bigger churches. That’s good, but what would happen if more energy is expended on getting the focus right? Listen to the story of a small church in New Zealand that is struggling to find its center.

Until Christ Is Formed in You: Preaching as Spiritual Direction in Small Churches| Colt McCook

In Kindling Desire for God, Kay Northcutt challenges preachers to consider the aim of a sermon. The aim, she argues, is the spiritual formation of the congregation. In this class, we will consider how this might be true, particularly in small churches.

Starting with the Pharisee in the Mirror: Bridging the Gap between Small Churches and the Academy | Alyssa Johnson

Small congregations and their members provide a rich pluralistic context in which to form spiritual community and do ministry. This session examines the significant role of small churches in the kingdom of God and presents strategies for engagement in the wider culture.

Raising the Dead in Rural America: The Power of Spirit Reliant Prayer in Rural Ministry| Jim Weaver

What is the relationship between prayer and the transformative, life-giving power of the Spirit? What happens when prayer becomes Spirit-reliant in rural churches? God acts powerfully on behalf of his people.