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Still Wrestling: Faith Renewed Through Brokenness

Pathway Guide: Les Ferguson

In the aftermath of a double murder, a destroyed family, and a shattered faith, Les Ferguson gives hope to others wrestling with God through a dramatically different study of the Bible’s characters.

Life happens to us all. When good turns to bad, the journey from bad back to good can seem impossible. In his recent and candid book, Pastor Les Ferguson shares his true story of when he struggled to believe not that God existed but that he cared. The questions of faith and doubt shared in Still Wrestling show Les’s journey through tragedy to a deep, renewed faith.

Les approaches God’s word from a perspective entirely different from the average Sunday school book. He guides readers through a study of the Bible’s characters by examining their humanity, seeing their fears, and acknowledging their weaknesses, exploring our own brokenness through the broken characters of God’s Word.

”All of us have had to deal with pain at some level in our life’s journey. What an incredible opportunity we all have to grow from the life of Les Ferguson! There is no better guide to dealing with the doubts and questions that come from life’s tragedies than Les. Follow his ongoing journey of insight and understanding as he writes about Still Wrestling. You will be blessed for the effort.”
–Al Robertson, author and speaker from A&E’s Duck Dynasty

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