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Undergraduate Student Grants for Scholarly/Creative Activities

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This 2018-2019 Academic Year, we announce the availability of funds for undergraduate students who wish to conduct their own independent research studies, under the mentorship of a faculty member. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, November 30th, and awards are expected to be announced in mid December. Please see the information below on eligibility and the application process.

The undergraduate student grant fund was established as part of a strategic initiative to support undergraduate research at Abilene Christian University. The intent of the program is to provide support for undergraduate students to complete novel, student-led research/creative scholarship. The financial resources and number of applicants within a given fiscal year determine the number of grants awarded. It is expected that awards will range between $1,000-2,000, though this will vary depending on these factors.

Full-time ACU undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded, based on a competitive selection process, to proposals that demonstrate potential for serious research and creative activity. The Undergraduate Research Council considers the proposals submitted and approves those judged best according to the following criteria:

  • Worth and value to the discipline, researcher, or the university.
  • Clear goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Use of sound, clearly explained methodology and procedures.
  • Clear writing that is precise, detailed, and understandable to a lay audience.
  • Expected outcome of project (e.g., a book, article, paper, presentation, video).
  • Likelihood of successful completion in a reasonable time.

Undergraduate Student Grants are intended to support scholarly activities including:

  • quantitative research studies,
  • qualitative research studies,
  • technological innovations, and
  • developmental and innovative research activity related to musical compositions or artistic production.

Furthermore, this program seeks to:

  • Increase student involvement in research
  • Encourage novel, student-led research and scholarly activity
  • Promote research presentation and publication by ACU undergraduates

The following budget categories are allowable:

  • Training Stipend. Students may request a training stipend up to $500/semester working on the project. Students should work with their faculty mentor to complete a student internship packet.
  • Expenses related to the research. This amount is limited to essential and necessary materials, supplies, equipment, participant and consultant support which is directly connected with the research project.

Ineligible expenses include clerical work, office supplies, telephone, computer equipment, and travel that is not essential to the conduct of the research.

Projects should be completed during a single fiscal year and must produce a tangible, scholarly product. Examples of acceptable outcomes include presentation at a professional conference, a juried performance, an article submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal, etc.

A final report detailing the progress made and the scholarly product completed is due by April 31 following the project period. Awardees will receive an email from OUR in the Spring semester with further details on how to complete the report.


Every individual who receives a grant must agree to the ACU Intellectual Property Agreement. The applicant agrees to certain rights and claims against copyrights and patents resulting from university support. Funds cannot be released to any grantee without this acknowledgement of the agreement. The Intellectual Property Agreement may be found on the ORSP website.

Every grantee is assigned a budget for expenses if any are awarded. Stipends are awarded through the Office of Undergraduate Research following completion of the Internship paperwork. All budgets must be cleared and accounted for by April 1 of the final project year. Grantees without proper accounting forms are liable for the expenses incurred.

All grantees must have completed EthicsCORE Responsible Conduct of Research training (requirement currently on hold). Training instructions may be found in the ORSP Classroom. If the project involves research with human subjects, IRB approval must be obtained prior to conduct of the research. Likewise, animal research requires IACUC approval.

To apply, please complete the Student Grant Application and Student Budget Application Forms below and email to or by 5pm on Friday, November 30th. Please be sure to indicate who is the Faculty Mentor who will be advising the student on the project.


student budget application form

For Information on how the applications will be judged, please see an example of the rubric below.

student grants-eval-form

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Fall 2018 Travel Applications are now Open!

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Fall 2018 Travel Applications are now open and are due by 5pm on September 14.

The Office of Undergraduate Research awards travel funding for both undergraduate research students and faculty mentors to travel to a conference to present and showcase scholarship.

Faculty mentor travel grants are for those who mentor undergraduate researchers. Mentors may apply for up to $1000 to either 1) accompany undergraduate students presenting scholarship at a conference or showcase; OR 2) present scholarship in which undergraduate students assisted in the work.
For more information visit OUR Faculty Travel Grants. Applications can be accessed here.

Faculty may also apply for up to $1000 on behalf of their undergraduate students. These grants are for up to $1000 per project. For projects with more than one student, a group can decide whether to send one representative student or divide the award and send more than one presenter.

For more information visit OUR Student Travel Grants. Applications can be accessed here.

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Internal and Spring Grants Due Soon

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Travel Grant Applications for travel to conferences January – May, 2018 are due January 22, 2018. For more information see the Travel Grants Page.

Internal Research Grant Applications for Summer 2018 are Due January 29, 2018. For more information see the Internal Grants Page.

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Student Opportunities Center

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ACU undergraduate researchers and mentors have access to the Student Opportunities Center (S.O.C.).

The S.O.C. is a platform which connects students to over 10,000 student conferences, journals, new and prestigious experiential learning opportunities (scholarship, fellowship, community/civic engagement), and undergraduate research opportunities.

Sign-up for the Student Opportunities Center by going to and creating an account with your ACU email address.

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Undergradaute Research Mentors of the Year

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These professors are nominated and chosen by ACU students for their exemplary work as mentors to undergraduate researchers. The winners are announced each year at the Undergraduate Research Festival.

2015-2016 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr.  Michael Daugherity, Department of Engineering and Physics
  • Dr. Christopher Hutson, Department of Bible, Missions, & Ministry
  • Dr. Anita Broxson, School of Nursing

2014-2015 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Josh Brokaw, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Richard Beck, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Ron Morgan, Department of History & Global Studies

2013-2014 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Suzie Macaluso, Department of Communication & Sociology
  • Dr. Greg Powell, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Mikee Deloney, Department of Language & Literature

2012-2013 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Brian Cavitt, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Lauren Lemley, Department of Communication & Sociology
  • Dr. Stephen Baldridge, School of Social Work
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2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Mentors of the Year

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Each year, 3 professors involved in research are chosen by ACU students to receive the Mentor of the Year Award.

This year the winners were Dr. Michael Daugherity, Dr. Christopher Hutson, and Dr. Anita Broxson.

  • Dr.  Michael Daugherity, Department of Physics
    • This mentor was nominated by his students for his enthusiasm and devotion to research and the students that he works with. His extraordinary teaching as well as his character inspires students to pursue their interests and passions. He is experienced in his field of study and relates information effectively and efficiently, helping to develop student interest in research. Dr. Daugherity has helped his students shape and form projects that have expanded their knowledge and intellect. One student said that this professor is someone that they admire and will never forget. 
  • Dr. Christopher Hutson, Department of Bible, Missions, & Ministry
    • This mentor was nominated by his students because he is an unwavering source of support and encouragement for his students’ research endeavors. His encouragement has given students the confidence to continue their projects with renewed motivation and persistence. He is excellent at communicating with his students through every stage of the research process and takes a personal interest in their work. One student said this professor has given him confidence to stay motivated throughout the research process because he has learned it can produce magnificent results. 
  • Dr. Anita Broxson, School of Nursing
    • This mentor was nominated by her students for her contagious passion and enthusiasm for research. She helps her students discover their own passion for research and encourages them to think critically and view things from different perspectives. She takes a personal interest in her students and helps them discover and develop their talents with patience and understanding. She inspires a spirit of integrity in everything as she encourages her student to seek Christ in every aspect of their work. Her role as a mentor goes far beyond her research projects. She cares not only about her students’ education but their mental and spiritual well being as well. 

Congratulations to these professors for their exemplary role as mentors!

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