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Undergraduate Research Internship Forms

Any student who is being paid for participating in undergraduate research, creative activities, or other scholarly activities, should be paid a stipend, not wages. Please fill out and sign the following forms and return them to the Office of Undergraduate Research through campus mail at ACU Box 28132 or email at The three forms are the Internship Agreement, Internship Payment Form, and a W-9.

During the school year, please allow two weeks for processing of the paperwork before a student can be paid. If the paperwork is generated during the summer, please  email so that we will know it has been sent as there is not someone in the office in the summer. (The paperwork can be handled; we just need to know to look for it.)

These students are interns and not employees. This means that they can work more than 25 hours/ week. But it also means that instead of a W-2 they will receive a 1099 in January when tax documents are sent out. (This is why they filled out a W-9.) Taxes will not be withheld from their stipend, therefore if students have concerns about how this will affect their taxes when they file, they should speak to a tax professional.


For your convenience, there are two ways you can fill out the internship agreement and W-9. Please complete EITHER

Instructions for filling out the Undergraduate Research Internship Forms

1. Internship Agreement – 2 versions

Please choose to complete the Internship Agreement Form as EITHER a Word document OR as a fillable PDF.

2.  Internship Payment Form

3. W-9 – 2 versions

Please choose to complete the W-9 as EITHER as a fillable PDF or online.