Kason Hart (’10) | Electronic Media

by   |  08.23.11  |  Journalism & Mass Communication

Kason Hart ('10)B.S. in Electronic Media
(Houston, Texas)

Kason Hart says that his JMC internship prepared him with direction and experience to work in a competitive industry. “Getting your foot into the sports media world seems to be the hardest part, and I believe working for the USOC this summer gave me great experience and knowledge for what God has in store for me in my career.”

Tell us about your JMC internship:

My internship was in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, where I served as the broadcast intern for the United States Olympic Committee.  The USOC broadcasting department is very small, so I got a lot of hands-on work with filming, editing and producing. I was given the opportunity to fly out to Newport, R.I., to document a paralympic sports military camp that the USOC helped host.  Being able to work with Olympians and paralympians truly opened my eyes to the Olympic movement and gave me tremendous knowledge of media and the role that it plays in today’s sports world.  This internship not only boosted my resume but gave me incredible amounts of knowledge and experience in a very competitive industry.

How will your internship help you in your studies and career planning?

Being able to intern at the Olympic Training Center has given me an opportunity to see the sports media world on a completely different level.  Getting your foot into the sports media world seems to be the hardest part, and I believe working for the USOC this summer gave me great experience and knowledge for what God has in store for me in my career.

Why did you decide to study journalism and mass communication at ACU?

Journalism and mass communication always interested me because of it’s ever-changing style. I enjoy the fast paced and never stagnate nature of media and more specifically sports media.

What do you like best about the JMC department?

The JMC department’s size is one crucial part of the department’s success. At many other larger schools you might just feel like another number, but at ACU you get real attention from both professors and other students.

How has the JMC department prepared you for your future?

ACU’s JMC department has helped provide me with a solid foundation intellectually but also in my ability to network. ACU’s JMC department does a tremendous job of using their network to aid in the development of their students; preparing them for life after their time at ACU.

What advice would you give someone interested in your field of study?

Begin searching for an internship early and pursue every contact you can think of. Networking has played a huge role in my landing an internship and learning about other job/internship possibilities. Once you have landed an internship don’t stop there; continue to meet and develop contacts. Being willing to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people is crucial in developing your network. From my brief experience, it seems that in the sports media world, it’s all about who you know and what kind of impression you make on people.

What advice would you give future students at ACU?

Although ACU does a great job of helping their students, it’s up to you to continue to work hard and maximize every opportunity given to you. Good work is often hard to come by these days. Upon entering the work field, you must ask yourself, what am I going to do that will make me different from the other 1,000 people who are looking to apply for this internship or job? Maximize every opportunity ACU gives you to develop your network and continually develop your contacts. Often, you will land great opportunities because you have committed to talking and developing relationships with people.

Extracurricular activities in the JMC department:

JMC lab instructor for JMC 239, Writing for Electronic Delivery.

Extracurricular activities outside of JMC:

Galaxy president, intramurals, referee for the AYBA and work in the ACU Admissions Department.

Fun facts about you:

I enjoy all sports with basketball being my favorite.

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