Darrien Grays (’09) | Information Technology

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Darrien GraysInformation technology major
(Cedar Hill, Texas)

Darrien Grays chose to study information technology at ACU because of the university’s reputation for being at the forefront of emergent technologies. What he found as a student was much more: a tight-knit community of professors and students – and relationships he expects to last a lifetime.

“Really it’s the feeling of community that makes the ACU experience so much greater,” he says. “Professors are not just willing to spend more time with you but offer their help to you even after you finish their class.

Above and beyond

“There have been countless times when I’ve talked to different professors about personal projects, and they have always gone above and beyond in order to help my growth either spiritually or academically. My classmates also extend the same gesture, and I know I will be connected to many of them for life.”

One of Darrien’s favorite courses was Mobile Computing, where he learned how to develop programs and applications for mobile devices, specifically the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“This program gives us the tools and teaching that we need to be able to develop an application and make it functional when we go out to the real world,” he says.

He gained additional experience during a summer internship at Falconstor Inc. in Long Island, N.Y.  “Using the skills I had learned from the iSchool, I was able to excel at installing operating systems on different servers and setting up different databases for a variety of different systems,” he says.

Now he feels confident to take on his future career. “The SITC has given me plenty of skills and practical projects that have prepared me for future endeavors,” he says. “They emphasize working in teams and working with a different diversity of people, hardware and technologies. When I leave the SITC I will be well-rounded and prepared for whatever the world decides to throw at me.”

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