Assistance for Online Programs


The ACU Writing Center is happy to offer online tutoring for students enrolled in our online graduate programs.  However, our first suggestion is always to find a face-to-face writing center in the town where you live; many university writing centers are happy to help anyone who walks in the door, including students from other universities.  Face-to-face tutoring sessions are always more helpful than online sessions, but, in cases where you cannot find an in-person human being, here are our procedures to get help from us:

1.  Copy and paste the prompt for the particular assignment you’re working on into an email message;

2.  In a few sentences, let us know your concerns and how you’d like us to help you;

3.  Attach your text via a MSWord document (.docx) to the message;

4.  Send to

A tutor will send you your document back within 48 hours (two business days) with comments to help you.  The 48-hour turn-around time does not include weekends; please plan accordingly.  You are welcome to make revisions and send the same paper in again if need be.

If you have further questions, you may send an email to, or else call 325.674.4833.