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Nichols (1987) defines resistance as, “anything clients do to subvert or slow the process of therapy. In family therapy, resistance is the rule, not the exception” (p. 251). More »

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  1. Sabrina Johnson on Differentiation
    10:50 am, 09.22.09

    Thanks for you cultural diversity Tara!

    1.) I do think a family can function while being enmeshed as in the example you gave with Chinese families. It would seem that our American beginning as immigrants from all over would have something to do with the high value we place on differentiation. Our nation started with the mindset that we wanted to get away from that which we knew and to start something of our own. I do not think either is better than the other, just different.

    2.) I think for people in America, the goal is differentiation. It is important to us to test our own beliefs and know they are our own. It is not that we do not value those of our origin, but rather we want to know them as true for ourselves and not just because they have always been. At least, this is how it is for me personally.

    3.) It would seem to me that if there is the option to increase differentiation, there is also an option to decrease differentiation. Although, it would seem to me that the higher your differentiation, the less your level should fluctuate.