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Major British Podcasts

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Remember that we’ll be talking about the first two class podcasts this Friday. Here are the files you can listen to at your leisure, but do jot down a couple questions to bring with you OR you can simply add your questions as comments to this thread.

Thanks to our first two groups for diving into a strange, new assignment. I look forward to hearing responses to their work.

default iconPagancast.m4a

default iconThe black Death-audio.m4a

default iconThe black Death-video.m4v

Trés Riches Heures slides

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Here are the images we looked at in class today. Thanks for your discussion and energetic speculation in class. I’ve really enjoyed our group this semester and your willingness to jump in.

Medieval Intro Slides

Remember to read back through the Parson and the Pardoner’s portraits in the General Prologue before our reading of the Pardoner’s Tale next time. See you Wed.