Week 2 updates

by   |  08.30.09  |  Assignment

I hope you procured your copy of Gulliver and have already landed on the island of Lilliput. *If you haven’t been able to find a copy of the text, we need to talk immediately.

Still haven’t seen any Class Introductions so I’d would like to see those ASAP, but this week we’re turning to the first journal assignments. For help getting started, please read the following overviews and make your first posts THIS WEEK.

Satire Journal Assignments

Defining Satire Thread

Satire Sighting Thread

I have added a few more links to the Media Archive, but would welcome your own examples in the journal assignments.

For those who missed it last April, one final addition is the online edition of the Pessimist from last spring, so feel free to weigh in on how these articles fare in your satire definitions as well.

ACU Pessimist, 4/1/09