Satire Sightings


After you’ve looked through the media archive for examples of “satire” I provided to initiate discussion, feel free to contribute your own sightings of irony, parody, and satire around the web to the following thread.

In the weeks before class begins, you’ll just need to make two contributions to this thread. Here is how I described the assignment on the blog:

Your main preparation for our time together in September will be completing the readings from Swift and investigating the nature and use of satire today. I’ve assembled a cross-section of satiric lyrics, film and television clips, web videos and animations to get you started. However, these examples are only scratching the surface. At least twice before our colloquium meets, I’m asking you to post either responses to these examples or satire sightings of your own in fiction, in media, or on the Internet. Your post can be short—a paragraph or two—but should directly argue why your chosen example (or mine) is or is not “satire,” perhaps by comparison with Swift. Like all good writing, try to build your case with concrete examples that illustrate your claims.