Plea for Forgiveness & Reconciliation

by   |  09.30.09  |  Individual Responsibility for the Greater Good, Redemption, Sacrifice

A former student of mine, Nao Fukishima is a Japanese national. A very kind, generous soul, and also very sharp. He was at the Asian Mission Forum recently, and did a marvelous thing that resonates so well with some of the themes of our Colloquium.

On Chinese soil, in the name of Jesus, he offered apologies for atrocities committed against the Chinese by the Japanese in the past. He honored the Chinese for their compassion. He declared that God suffered with the Chinese as they experienced injustices. And, rather than presuming to get their forgiveness, he simply asks them to pray the Lord’s Prayer with him.

You can read his brief address, in English translation, in the PDF document at the link below:

Plea for Forgiveness & Reconciliation

I would guess that the parallels are evident. One person, willing to take some responsibility for the whole, sacrificing himself, taking the road of humility and even shame for the sake of creating peace and reconciliation.