Just a Hobbit

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by Wesley

Just a Hobbit (click here to listen to the podcast)

The podcast is fairly self-explanatory, but I will say just a few words about what I was trying to accomplish. In my podcast, I identify with several of the major characters in The Lord of the Rings. This identification is contingent on my basic assertion that I am accurately compared to a  hobbit. My stories represent times when I, hobbit that I am, see myself  as a character I am not, and the negative effect such confusion has. The piece is basically about identity. I explore, through the lens of Tolkien’s characters, how my identity and self-understanding in relation to God and those around me has developed through the years. On a broader level, I am applying the theme of the exaltation of the humble to issues of Christian service and social justice. in the background of the podcast, I can be heard interpreting the arc of the development of my own identity musically.

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