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To be entirely honest, the realization that I will be in Ivankiv, Ukraine for the entire summer hasn’t quite sunk in yet. When we had our prayer time on the 14th I stared down the little star in Eastern Europe that represented our teams location and was trying to force myself to understand the distance, the time, the cultural difference. It didn’t really work. Being told many times not to approach this summer with expectations on the significance of “my” role or how difficult/easy it will be, I really only have one emotion right now. I am excited. I am excited to see God’s work this summer as he draws children to himself. I am excited to see missionaries passionately trust in God as they work and give wholeheartedly of themselves. I am excited to see the selfless love of Christ flowing out of my teammates. I am excited to see kids receive that love and be healed (even if only a bit) as they are drenched in and refreshed by it. I am so excited at the idea that just one other priceless human being might get to experience God and be forever transformed by Him. Will this summer throw me some hurdles that trip me up and knock me down? I’m actually laughing thinking about how quickly that is probably going to happen. However, I know God is greater. My prayer for this summer is that the people we interact with in Ukraine would come to know and believe in the unconditional love God has for them, and that His love would align them completely with the way of the cross. I pray that everything we do be centered around Jesus and glorifying him. I pray we live out each day aligned with the thoughts, feelings and purposes of God’s heart. I pray that this summer wouldn’t be about helping others to relieve our own guilt, but out of compassion and love for our brothers and sisters. That. Would. Be. Awesome.
As for me personally, I know Aslan is definitely on the move and that this summer will bring me some clarity in regards to God’s purpose for my life. Perhaps He will call me to join him in foreign missions or maybe even just teach me a bit more about saying “here I am, send me,” and really meaning it.


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