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I was looking through the volunteer handbook in preparation for my upcoming trip to work at Bethel.  As I read the timeline of this ministry’s history, I was blown away.  Here’s what I read:


2002 Guillaume & Delphine do some research on NGOs work in China and try to find a people group that is not being reached

2003 G&D open the first house in Lang Fang, Hebei and receive 3 blind orphans from Tianjin orphanage (8 staffs)

2004 G&D open the 2nd home, care for 12 children (18 staffs)

Board of Directors Set up

2005 Opening of the 3rd home, care for 24 children (40 staffs)

Start of Bethel school (2 staffs)

Partnership with Children’s Hope International Social Work Committee

2006 Opening of the 4th home, care for 31 children (60 staffs)

Expansion of Bethel school (6 staffs)

2007 Move to new facility in Dou Dian

Set up of a farm (food self sustainability)

Renovation of the premises

Registration of Bethel China Ltd. In HK

Registration of Bethel China ltd. Rep. office

2008 Construction of 7 foster homes

Build second floor to adjacent building (on-going renovation)

Operations size (80 staffs)

Purchase agreement with the landlord

In 2002, one missionary couple decided to search and find out where the need was.  Then they jumped in and trusted God to use them to meet that need.  The growth of that ministry in only six years is astonishing.  To go from 3 children and 8 staff members to 70 children, 80 staff members, a school, and a farm in that short amount of time is something that could only happen by the grace of God.  God is already at work in Dou Dian, China.  How exciting it is that I get to go and join in this work!

I’m thinking about the name of our organization at school – World Wide Witness – and the double meaning of the word “witness.”  Yes, God is giving me the tremendous opportunity to be His witness, to share His love with the people of China.  At the same time though, He is also allowing me to witness His glory in the work He is already accomplishing.  I love that.  God is accomplishing mighty things.  What a privilege to be able to experience God’s work first-hand!  God doesn’t need me, and yet He is choosing to use me, to lead me, to grant me the opportunity to be His vessel, to have an adventure, to love, to serve, to experience Him and His heart.  I am so ready!


  1. Gary
    12:07 pm, 05.27.11

    I pray you have a great experience witnessing in both ways. You have a wonderful heart and I believe you will be a blessing to many this summer.

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    Love this thanks

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