¡Muchos Gracias!

7 Commentsby   |  05.29.11  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is a lovely humid Sunday in Houston, Texas—my bags are packed, my tickets are bought and I am ”patiently” waiting to fly out on Monday.  However, if I were not blessed with such SmArVeLoUs friends, and family I would probably be putting on my dirtiest, most rattiest clothes to go out on my last desperate attempt of begging next to the nearest Walmart for the needed funds.  :D 

So thank you all for blessing me above and beyond what I had hoped for!  Your love and generosity towards me and this mission have even made me wonder whether you love me more than I love myself!  Let’s just say, I have been blown away by all the support you have given and it shall not be forgotten.  

This entire process has made me see the church as a huge family more clearly than I ever have before.  The bonds created between people who are followers of Christ is a fantastical phenomenon.  We are all connected through the Spirit and that is a wonderous thing. You all have given me the assurance that even though I do not know them personally, I have family all over the world—which of course includes Buenos Aires. 

For all that you have done —Gracias!

Got ot Fly! [soon]


P.S – My primary blog [which will include more of everything] is:

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