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May 18, 2011 – 10:25 p.m. (Samoan time…4:25 a.m. Texas time…and I’m still adjusting)

Well, today was even more tiring than yesterday, and we really didn’t do much of anything physical. It really was rather a relaxing day. I woke up to rain last night, and then the electricity went out this morning which made for quite a sticky morning. We went to the school for a little bit to see Danna’s classroom and look around where Dean spent his time here. Then we went shopping to buy a couple things.

Wow! Things are SO expensive here! Like…2 or 3 times more expensive than in the states; however, there is no sales tax here. Imagine … gas is $4.52/gallon, toothpaste is $5.00, sunscreen is $12.00. It’s kinda crazy. I did have an unpleasant time right after lunch and shopping. I’m pretty sure I overheated because of the humidity that I’m not used to. I know that I’m complaining, but it really is taking me a bit for my body to get used to different environmental things here. I’ve been told that I will be fine by the weekend, I’ll be on a better sleep schedule, meal schedule, and hopefully the mosquitoes won’t be bothering me much anymore.

We ended the night with a great Bible study with some people from the church. David taught Romans 6 in one of the classrooms at the school. It was so neat to hear the members talk about Christianity and the meanings of baptism in the Samoan language.  Everyone there knew English, but there are just some concepts that need to be explained in the native language. I hope to know enough Samoan words by the end of the summer to at least understand the topic people around me are talking about. I can pick out some words when people speak them: “Atua” = God. “Iesu” = Jesus. “fa’amolemole” = please. And “fa’afetai” = thank you. After the Bible study, Dean found some geckos to take pictures of for my mom. I know she would love to be here with the snails, geckos, and giant toads! Dean is definitely more brave than I am when it comes to catching geckos and getting close enough to toads to take a great pictures. Way to go, Dean!

Today really was a wonderful day even though the humidity and sick feelings weren’t preferable. I look forward to tomorrow for sure! Dean and I will be Danna’s aid in class because her aid will be in Apia with the high schoolers. (Apia is in Western Samoa, a separate island) Dean and I will also be planning a little more in depth what we will teach the tweens on Saturday afternoon and the kiddos on Sunday morning.

I’ll keep you updated as much as possible. Thank you everyone who’s reading these and looking at my picture on facebook! I like knowing how much people care about me and what I am doing.

I’m going to bed for now. It is definitely time. Be sure to read


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