Week One in Croatia

56 Commentsby   |  06.05.11  |  Zagreb, Croatia

Picking up where Madison left off…Monday night we both slept like champions, I got 12.5 hours and still had to be woken up. We spent most of the next day getting to know the family and exploring a nearby village. Tuesday night we decided to break in our Croatian running skills. The weather is fantastic for running! Cool, 60 degree nights with the slightest breeze and my legs were grateful for the exercise. Wednesday, Roger took us into the heart of Zagreb and we received a quick tour of the capital as well as a breakdown of Croatian culture. We also sat down and planned out our calendar for the summer. I learned that we will be assisting with three different summer camps, teaching Bible lessons, and helping several different families with various needs. Thursday, we started off with what will be an ongoing devotional with Roger’s daughter, Addie. We then had our own devotional time with Roger’s wife, Erin. Madison and I also had our first “cultural immersion” experience. We went to a nearby village for the afternoon by ourselves. It was difficult, but not impossible to get around the town. While we were there we saw an old European cemetery and tried a very popular dessert called something like “cremeshnitte” which tastes like a doughnut. We also learned that when you are at a restaurant in Croatia you have to ask for your bill; yes, we sat around for a long time wondering if it would be considered rude to ask for the bill. Friday, we spent most of our time getting acquainted with and helping out an American missionary family here in Croatia. They are preparing to move back to the states and they need help watching their three young girls. The girls were all endearing and funny, especially the four-year old who tried to cross her eyes. We then went around the city handing out flyers to promote one of the summer camps that we will be helping with. Yesterday the Massey’s took us to a beautiful castle. After we toured the castle we decided to walk what around the seemingly small lake, the lake ended up being VERY long – exercise, right? Today was our first church service with TRANSFORMA, while there we met a large portion of the congregation, roughly thirty loving people. I attended  service for a short while before I was called away to help with the children, but while I was there I saw a congregagtion who truly loves the Lord.  Fun fact about Croatia: the toilet paper is colored and scented.


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