No Place I Would Rather Be

61 Commentsby   |  06.08.11  |  Accra, Ghana

Today it has been one week since our team has arrived in Africa, and I am beginning to get my feet on the ground.  This has been a crazy week, as all first weeks are, but I feel that I am becoming more acclimated to the culture and life of Village of Hope.  We are getting a handle on the schedule and beginning to settle into routine.  On a typical day we will have breakfst at eight and exchange any weird dreams caused by the malaria pills (I first began to consider the side effects  of these pills after I dreamt that in preparation for our trip Gary Green and Larry Henderson gave us instruction on how to ward off zombies with a match).  After breakfast, we head up to the nursery and help the teachers there.  I have concluded that some things about nurseries remain the same wherever you go, like how you can never manage to leave them without kid snot and food all over you.  The kids are truly a joy, though, and I love spending time with them teaching the ABC’s and 123’s.  After the nursery, we spend the afternoons assisting in the school and being with the kids after school gets out.  At night we do devotionals and help tutor with homework.  We have been working hard to learn all the kids’ names (there are so many!), and it has been so good to spend more time with them.  As the relationships develop, we learn more about their histories and pasts, which are very hard.  Their genuine affection and childlike joy never ceases to amaze me. 

Tomorrow we will be leaving for Village of Hope’s other site in the mountains for three weeks.  We will be doing much the same thing: teaching and building relationships.  Please pray for safe travels.  Also, another intern named Heather from Lipscomb was supposed to go home yesterday but was not allowed to get on the plane because she came down with malaria.  Please keep her and her situation in your prayers. 

Jesus has been teaching me so much here.  He has been so good to me, as He always is.  I am learning complete and utter reliance on Him and how to be more fully led by the Holy Spirit in all of my daily actions and words.  A song that I have been listening to speaks to Jesus saying, “There’s no place I would rather be than here in your love.”  His steadfast love endures forever, in America, in Ghana, and everywhere.  And truly, there is no place I would rather be.


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