Ode to New Places & Mate

14 Commentsby   |  06.09.11  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

At this very moment I am sitting on my bed, drinking mate and listening to Reik [a Mexican band].  I have already begun my search for South American music [randomly found a Japanese band that I like a lot] As for the mate — we made an immediate connection, that will last through the ages, when I arrived last Tuesday morning [mate mi amor!].  

Upon our arrival [after a blissful night full of the absense of sleep] we were given the opportunity to wait in a ridiculously long line for customs.  Once I got through I walked a bit into the “money changing” corridor which was about 50 feet before the swinging doors that opened up into the awaiting crowd.  While I was waiting on Brooke a couple of people walked through the doors and each time I could see Osvaldo standing in the very front with a sign. What was hilarious is that each time the doors swung open enough for us to see each other he would yell my name across the entire room [I laughed equally as loud]. 

It was a great reunion with all of the Valdezes once we got to their awesome apartment [see pics], but meeting other people from the church was muy copado [very cool].  For those of you who do not know—it is customary throughout South America to kiss people on one cheek when leaving or greeting.  Suffice it to say, people are very welcoming [particularly this church family].  I’m not much of a “kisser” but I have managed to hide that fact from everyone. :D

Stuff I have learned thus far:  dogs wander around on the sidewalks [watch out poo!], the Spanish double L—“ll” sounds like “sh” here, crossing streets or driving are extreme sports [so much fun!], Spanish in Argentina is called Castellano, the layout of their subway system, and how to make empinadas. 

Buenos Aires is a huge city with tons of people [14 million], and we are loving every second of it! Stay excellent!!


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