Scottish Accents etc…

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This past week consisted of tons of food, new faces, much Spanish, and Subway Surfing [riding without hanging on to anything]. Even so, the church’s outreach of Let’s Start Talking took up the majority of our time—in more ways than one.  I had no idea how much the church does around this program!  It is essentially free English classes that focus around the Bible, and the fact that it is a free way to learn attracts a ton of people.

Brooke and I will be helping more directly with this program in the near future, but right now we are just helping Laura Valdez with her advanced speakers class.  It’s interesting to hear others, who are new to English, talk about it.  Let’s just say English [particularly American English] is more than just a little confusing.  Phrases like “get up” “get giong” and “get that” are particularly difficult. Think about it.

The LST group that was here [they left Sunday :(  was from Oklahoma, and we had a blast hanging with them.  They had already been here for about 3 weeks when we showed up, so we actually did a bit of site seeing with them [as well as Ashley Musick who cam 10 months ago to work with the church].  Just an hour from Buenos Aires [by train] is the city of Tigre.  We all went there for an afternoon.  It was a beautiful, relaxing location away from the bustling capital.  But if you ever go be careful as to what salad dressing you get.  Brooke ordered a salad with what was supposedly a balsamic vinegarette, but it literally tasted like the smell of a county fair or a rodeo.  I cannot explain beyond that, but I had no idea that that smell could be captured in a dressing. :P

We have now christened it “Rodeo Salad”.

On Saturday the LST group hosted a bilingual picnic at the building, and it was awesome [other than the fact that they played country music for some cultural pizazz].  :D  Quite a few people showed up who had not been before, which was copado [you remember].  We played a wicked-sweet game of spoons, in which I was one of the two left alive at the end [my knees are still bruised up].  But the most memorable thing for everyone, it seems, is the English Accent Activity.  Jonathan [who is the youth leader] had Katelynn [who has a heavy Oklahoman accent], Ashley Musick [who gave her best English accent] and Me ]with my Scottish accent] stand up in front of everyone.  We repeated whatever he said with our own vocab and accent for the crowd [mostly Argentine] to practice.  I am still called the “Scottish Lass” by some.  :D 

Oh, and we ventured out to La Boca on Monday.  It rained, it poured and we tangoed.


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