a distant shore

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the team has been in teaching at the village of hope’s sattelite school in nkwatia.  we’re living in a guest house in nearby abitifi with the lipscomb group.

the weather here is a lot cooler and a lot less humid cuz we’re tucked up in the mountains. its still pretty tropical tho.

our job here is pretty much strictly teaching. we have a lot of down time cuz all the kids here go home after school so our days end at 4. back at the village when school ended we would hang out and love up on the kids till bedtime. i figured out im a lot better teacher than i thought. i also figured out teaching is as fun as you want it to be. when the kids act up i make them do push ups or spin around until they’re dizzy. if they get a hard question right i let them take a victory lap around the class while their classmates applaud for them.  its pretty fun.

while im having a good time here im really looking forward to going back to fetteh in 2 weeks.  i feel like im making a difference at the village whereas here, even if im doing an ok job, im still not as good a teacher as the ones already employed here. plus we dont spend anytime with the kids outside of school so its hard to do ministry with them.  its definitely a learning experience here in nkwatia, but i dont think we’re really doing anything special. im not one to measure the effectiveness of kingdom work by numbers, but practically speaking, we’re not making an impact in the kids lives. 

the food situation is a lot better at the village too. not gonna lie, thats a big factor in why im excited to go back.

so ya i dont really know how people usually end blog posts cuz im not a hipster and i dont have a blog so ya. the end.


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