Ooda Lolly-Golly What a Week

22 Commentsby   |  06.17.11  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Last week was jam packed from beginning to end.  The Vestal family flew in from Midland Texas to spend a week with the church family, and the Valdezes spent that week showing all of us around Buenos Aires.  We began by going to La Boca, as you know, where every house and shop is a different color.  The next day we went to the rose gardens of Palermo.  It was by far the biggest inner city park we had seen, complete with its own lake.  We also went to the Japanese Garden not too far from there.  Even though it was right in the middle of everything it somehow felt quiet and peaceful.  We also took a short trip to Plaza de Mayo where the famous “Pink house” resides [President’s House].  Lastly we hit up the Zoo [which had everything including a Rain Forest exhibit] and Recoleta where Eva Perón is buried.  That week was non-stop, but of course that week would not have been complete without joining up with the rest of the church family.

All of our tours were from Monday to Thursday, and on Friday it was off to Zarate for a church barbeque on the river!  That Friday was my favorite day here thus far.  It was nice to have a break from the big city, and just relax with friends.  An Argentine barbeque is phenomenal! There was pollo, carne, and chorizo [Argentine sausage].  And of course any meal here is never complete without mate and a whole buffet of postres [desserts].  It was just a day of relaxing, talking, riding bikes, playing soccer, and attempting to play volleyball with a soccer ball [instant bruises anyone?].  I mainly enjoyed the day because I finally got to just hang out with the youth and get to know them a bit more. 

After all of the festivities were over, and everyone had eaten enough for three people, we walked a few blocks into town for a devotional [and more postres] at the Magalú families’ house.  While walking there I had an interesting conversation with one of the Magalú boys, Roberto.  It was not the topic that made it particularly interesting, but rather the fact that I was speaking in my broken Spanish to him, and he was speaking in his English to me.  Our limited vocabulary made the walk a bit humorous at times, to say the least.  Our time in Zarate was fantastic in every way.  The two hour bus ride there and back felt like nothing compared to the time we spent there. 

And the re-telling of that week is not over! That Saturday was filled with a Ladies’ Class, which was led by Cherie Vestal and her daughter [my friend] Caren.  It was yet another opportunity to get to know more people.  One of the ladies that came turned out to be the Mother of a girl I know from ACU! [Debi Beltrán].  It is a small world after all.  After the class those of us who were younger stuck around for the youth meeting, which is held every Saturday night.  The youth [which are ages 17 to 30] have some of the greatest singing voices.  I have gotten into the habit of continuing to mouth the words, without actually singing, so that I can hear them better.  I can’t help it!

All in all last week was utterly fantastic!  This week has been just been ‘ok’, simply because I have been under “house arrest” due to bronchitis.  But I have still been able to help prepare for Camp, which begins tonight! We will be jumping on a bus at about 7:00 PM and I will not be back until Monday evening next week.  I hope to have some good stories once I get back. Until then!



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