Camp de Caballito

21 Commentsby   |  06.25.11  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

The words delirious—cold—and sweet-awesome come to mind when I think back on camp. 

Delirious—I had the privilege of running a ridiculously high fever the entire time I was there, so my experience was a bit different than it would have been otherwise.  However, looking back I still would have gone even if I knew that the bronchitis was going to get worse.  In the end the good moments made up for the bad.

Cold—This adjective ties into my feverish state more than anything, but in my defense it was pretty cold to everyone else as well.  I spent a good deal of my time standing or sitting by the fire [keeping warm], and I got to know some of the more cold blooded people in church.  Yes, I am looking for the bright side, but nevertheless fire and nice conversation are indeed blessings from God. 

Sweet-Awesome—Now for the fun stuff.  There were plenty of times when my fever subsided for a bit or whatever activity it was captured my attention enough that I didn’t care.  For starters, during every free time period different people would break out their guitars, and form jam sessions/sing-a-longs with everyone.  Percussionists would pop out from everywhere to play along.  I did not always know the songs, but the music made me want to join in anyway. Argentines definitely know how to have a good time.

There were two planned group activities for everyone to be involved in.  The first was a scavenger hunt with four teams.  Lets just say they can be pretty competitive.  There were even two accounts of someone [not a young person—that would be more common] telling everyone that the game was over when it was not.  We actually lost a few teammates during the first mass confusion.  One of the tasks in the scavenger hunt was to get everyone on a bridge and take a silly picture, which is what one of the pics portrays.  In the end team rojo won [with some thanks to their devious ways] and to celebrate their victory they formed an earth shaking mosh pit that roared ”team rojo” continuously [adults too/Osvaldo].  :D  It was a sight to behold. The second activity was just a computer version of wheel of fortune, and yet somehow it reminded me of the Superbowl. 

The camp as a whole brought Brooke and I a lot closer to the church here.  It was a good way to get to know everyone.  There were about three classes per day for everyone.  Brooke and I helped plan [ahead of time] for the childrens classes.  I wish I could tell you more about what was said in the main classes, but I was half out of it so much that I honestly can only tell you that there were deep discussions on being “bold and courageous Christians”.  The relevence of that topic is greatly due to the impact of being a non-Catholic church in a Catholic world.  I got to speak to several people about this, and everyone that I spoke to has been affected by this reality.  Many come up against friends at the Universities or even relatives who are confused by “their” Christianity or simply disagree with it.  The church at Caballito is definitely a minority and they struggle with the majority every day.  

Looking back I find that my favorite part was getting the bus stuck in the mud just 10 feet away from camp. We thought we were home free, but nope.  There is nothing like pushing a bus to bring people together.  So if ever you are planning an ice-breaker get a bus.  :D  

Chau for now!

Interesting fact:  They always served cookies for breakfast [Argentines like their sweets in the morning].


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