Oh Happy Day..

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Oh it is the best feeling ever being back here. We got back last night at around 7:00 and was welcomed the best way ever. First off, the drive here was absolutely awful. I think we went a different way or over the past 3 weeks more pot holes were made. I don’t ever get car sick but I almost asked our driver to pull over 3 times. He would speed up by pass cars than slam on the breaks to try and avoid random pot holes. It was terrible…I guarantee at one point he was pushing 95 and then swerved to the right to not hit something. Needless to say when i saw the gate to the village I was more happy to be here than ever before!
Before I get to our homecoming here, I just want to give y’all a little story about the driving here. When we were driving to lake Volta, we went in a big old greyhound type bus. Now were trekin along and then bam, or driver slams on the breaks but doesnt stop…just keeps going and we all hit the seat in front of us but eh its Ghana. I am sitting in the back of the bus next to a window and right after the break check, I see, and I am not exaggerating, a sheep flying through the air with its legs up facing me. He lands on his back and rolls down the hill…and thats when we found out why we break checked. haha Also almost saw someone run over a dog in that same outing. If your not watching where your going you WILL be hit or run over…whether you are human or animal.

OKAY so we have been here for 4 weeks so far, insane. The first day we got here was absolutely heart warming, but last night was almost better. We got in at night so it was getting dark and the kids were inside eating so no one saw us drive in. Well I started my walk up to the different houses and kids literally ran and jumped on me giving me hugs and yelling my name. I almost fell over twice. I think alot of them completely forgot we were coming back that how suprised/excited they were when they saw me. Lebene was the best one though…I was walking down the road toward his house and I could see him sitting on the steps but I didnt think he could see me cause it was dark and he was under a light. Somehow he did and he came running full speed, i had to move out of the way or i guarantee you id of been on the ground. But he gave me the best hug ever. Oh words really cant describe the love i have for some of these kids. They all expressed how much they missed us and some had said they’d been counting down the days till the 30th :]
Leaving Nkwatia was bitter sweet, as much as i was ready to get back here, i held back some tears. I went and gave my favorite boy godfren a hug buy and then we were saying bye to the teachers and the ones that remembered me from last year held my hand a little longer and said some sweet things. And Richmond made it clear that if we dont see each other again on this earthly world, we will be seeing each other again in Heaven. That was super sweet.

3 weeks left in Ghana. It blows my mind but I wouldn’t honestly want to be anywhere else than where i am right now. Ive already been asked what day im coming back next year and if it could be in January. Haha. They want me to come twice a year and stay long, so in other words I just need to make the VOH my current residence.

Well just wanted to let everyone know we are doing good and we are all healthy. Well I take that back, Michelle and Zach have a sore throat and hopefully it doesnt turn into anything. I am the only one who hasnt been any kinds of sick! Thank you Jesus.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts…they are working :]

God is good, all the time


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    7:54 am, 07.04.11

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