nothin comes close to the gold coast

10 Commentsby   |  07.06.11  |  Accra, Ghana

we have been back in fetteh at the voh for almost a week now which means we only have like 2 and ahalf weeks left before we leave to america. sad stuff.

i love how unscripted my days at the village are. every morning i wake up (usually around 4 due to all the noise of the kids and the birds and the light of the sunrise) and think to myself ‘what do i feel like doing today?’ most of the time the answer is ‘go to the beach!’ i usually lay in bed for  an hour and a half or two hours and go to tills beach resort to read the bible and have some hang out with jesus. its so beautiful. when i get back its time to eat breakfast at which point i get to decide if im going to help teach, work at the clinic, or help out at the nursery. also, they started a construction project at the church so i might help with that.

im so honored to be a part of the ministry that is taking place here. maybe day to day im not doing anything that groundbreaking or spectacular, but im sowing into what God is doing in ghana and that has eternal ramifications.

im also very blessed to be here with shelby ashton and michelle. shelby is a baller shot caller and everybody knows it. she she’s cool without trying. ashton has gods heart for kids and it shows all the time. all the kids love her because of the holy spirit inside of her. michelle is so gifted as a teacher and a goalkeeper. also she loves jesus so much its hard to describe and creates a culture of positive peer pressure.

i like it here.

peace out girl scouts.


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