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Hello Family and Friends,

First I want to apoligize for this late posting, but I would like to inform all of you what we have been up to these past four weeks.

Nkwatia, the location we were at in the mountains, was a wonderful experiance.  Saying goodbye a week ago was a challenge. During our stay there I taught Jr. High science and math. Most of my time was with second grade. I taught second grade all subjects, except Twi and French. These kids were a hand full and full of personality! So everyday was a new adventure.

One day during the week at school the headmaster (principal) put on a soccer match for us. The teams were the staff and interns verses the school team! Guess who won! The children won with a score of 2:1!! We also had the opportunity to travel to a competition the school was is in. Various schools gathered to test their knowledge of the Ghananian goverment. We took 5th place, the children preformed well. Lastly, we took a day long excursion to the Lake Volta region. This is where many of the kids at the Village of Hope were resuced from chid slavery.It was an incrediable experiance to travel in one of the fishing boats across the lake and imagine what life was like for the young children.

That concludes our stay in Nkwatia!

One nugget of wisdom I took away from this experiance is to recive the Lord’s daily bread, taking one day at a time, reading His word and watching him work.

One day at a time!    



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