8 days left

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I cannot believe how quickly time is moving! We only have a week left and I am going to miss this country and my family and friends here so much. This past week has definitely been eventful, last Sunday was by far the roughest day I’ve had here. The morning started out with a not so good skype conversation that made me miss home more than ever and then progressed to include me making a very bad decision. It took a good part of the day before everything was resolved between me and my host family, but even then the day was just gloomy. We did have 3 baptisms that day at the community park though! And then to make matters worse the champs camp team decided to come home a few hours early without informing us so we had to rush home and pack all of our bags for Slovenia in like half an hour. The drive was the first break from chaos all day and included some great conversations and sharing of testimonies. When we arrived in Setnica we were greeted by a very smiley old man who made us a wonderful dinner at the bed and breakfast where all the parents were staying. The Camp went really well all week long and I was really surprised by the difference in culture between Croatia and Slovenia especially in how reserved and cautious the children were. The worst part of the week was the shower situation, we had to take showers at 3:30pm in our bathing suits in non-heated (aka: freezing) water in front of every other person visiting the public pool in Setnica. The best part was meeting all the Slovene missionaries and hearing their stories. We met a guy named Eno who takes the cake for coolest person I’ve ever met, and he told us about how he came to know Jesus in prison and the effect it had on his life. The views and the discipleship time this week were also to die for. On Thursday we had to say goodbye to both our Slovene friends and the champs camp team and head back to our humble abode. That night we had dinner at our preachers house and played him in a 3 on 1 game of soccer, I now know why they call him the Croatian nightmare! Yesterday was mainly spent working on our lessons for the art camp this coming week and a break in the late afternoon to go watch HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing once you got past the Croatian subtitles. I also got myself into a sticky situation when I popped the lenses out of the 3-d glasses to turn them into nerd spectacles and then was informed that I would have to pay for them… nice going Madison! Today has mostly been spent moving out of our apartment into the prayer room and cleaning every square inch of house in preparation for the arrival of our guests. Now I think I will spend a few hours napping and reading before our welcoming party tonight. I love Croatia but I am definitely looking forward to a few days of doing absolutely nothing before we go back to school.


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    Time is passing by so quickly, it’s unbelievable! We just have a week left, and I already miss this nation, along with my family and friends.
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