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A Summer Surprise

41 Commentsby   |  04.21.11  |  Mwanza, Tanzania, Uncategorized

Embarking on this missional, Tanzanian adventure will be like opening a multi-layered present. At the moment, I am only unwrapping the first layer of the internship experience. The rest is really a surprise. I am unpacking cultural treasures through research and networking with my host family while giggling at my own attempts to pronounce Swahili words that kindergardeners could say in their sleep. I am gradually untying the big red bow that is the fundraising process by pushing through the joys of handling legal regulations, money, tickets, and presentations. My impatient self would like nothing more than to teleport to Mwanza this instant, but my logical self would not want to miss this packaged, pre-intern stage for the world. This State-side preparation has revealed a flip side of missions I did not experience growing up on the mission field. Through this layer of training, I have gained a new level of respect for the behind-the-scenes work needed to send an equipped individual abroad.

As for hopes and guesses of the contents in God’s summer surprise? I have no earthly clue. I could be in a house baking cookies or in a hut slicing potatoes. I might be coaching second grade soccer or dancing with the Sukuma people. God’s surprise is not limited to any shape, size, or style and that is the beauty of His gift to me this summer. Through this mysterious, awaiting African adventure God has been weaning me of my securities. Instead of always needing to be active, “productive,” and in charge, I have been forced to give up control and become at peace with being clueless, dependent, and quiet. Maybe my summer surprise will simply be the joy of unwrapping His layers, but none the less, my Father knows exactly what He’s giving me.