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Reflections on Australia

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My reflections on my trip to Brisbane can be found on my regular blog here.


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A new post about leadingfollowship.html

Not believing in God: confessions about cynicism

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Easter: Why Jesus didn’t come to die

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I put up a new blog post on my other site, feel free to check it out reflections-on-morbidity-jesus-didnt.html

Headed to Dano

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The program so far has been a great benefit in helping my fellow teammates and I am beginning to understand and interpret the significance of what will begin to take place this summer, but also the amount that we will have to rely on the grace of God and one another to help live out the gospel of Christ with our brothers and sisters in Dano. I have had the good fortune of meeting two of the families on our team and they are godly men and women with whom I am so honored to have the opportunity to work with. This will certainly be a summer to remember.

Throughout the summer I will probably be posting my thoughts on my actual blog: but I do look forward to seeing what everyone else has to say throughout the summer. Blessings to you!