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El Naranjal

Well, I am going on my first week here in Arequipa! It has been amazing, the team here has been wonderful, they are all great people and I am really enjoying getting to know them. The first few days were spent resting and getting to know the city and the team. Friday was the first day we did official work, we joined the team members for a meeting with the “Instituto Cristiano de Desarollo Urbano” members. They are a small group of Peruvians that the ICDU makes micoloans to so they can carry out their businesses. They meet to talk about what is going on with their businesses, and also to have classes related to business. This friday the class was, “ethics in the work place,” the members got to learn about what was appropriate behavior as Christians in the  business world. Sunday, the other inters and myself went to El Naranjal at around 6:30 am, which is the seen in the picture above. The Naranjal is a very poor community, and the team has been working with them to improve living conditions physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. After that, in the late afternoon was church time, and we met with a small group and had communion, shared a meal together, shared our worries and also what we were thankful for. I was in charge of the children’s class, so that was a lot of fun… I had no idea I was good with kids… Well… This is it for all, keep me in your prayers, pray that God will use me in ways that will be very helpful to the work that is being done. I hope everyone else is doing great! Pictures are looking awesome! God bless all of you <3


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Well… packing is going great, I haven’t started yet, which would explain why it’s going great! I leave in 4 days to Lima, and from there I will catch another flight to Arequipa. I am thrilled! I will be traveling alone, but in Lima I will meet the other three interns that are from another university… I am so happy to see all of the pictures and read the other posts that the other WWW interns have posted, good things are happening! I have talked to the missionaries in Arequipa, and they have been pretty secretive about what we will be doing, so tune in for more info on that. Whatever the work is, I know it will be for the glory of God, and so as I begin to think about what T-shirts to pack, I also begin to think of what ways God will use me this summer. I have a passion for people, and a heart for God’s work, I trust that HE will use me in ways that will bring glory to him and to his kingdom. I am not sure who will read this, but if you, (mystery reader) are reading this, keep me in your prayers, and also pray for my fellow WWW inters, they are doing amazing things all over the world :) Alright, well this is all for now. Next time I write perhaps I will be sitting in an airport killing time! Till then.