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God of this city — Post #2


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Greetings from NY!!

Where to start . . . Well, I am doing well! I must admit – the “glamor” of the city has begun to wear off. While it’s still very beautiful and interesting to me, I have begun to notice just how tough the city is — very!! It’s a tough, individualistic community.

Lawson and I continue to do prayer stations, which is where we set up a table with a paper and let people come write down their prayers; it’s very unconditional. If they want to learn more about what we do, we tell them we are interested in studying the Bible with them and their friends and family. The hope is that the study will take off with their community where they are and eventually develop into a house church, where they lead themselves. We do about four prayer stations a week for 2, 3, or 4 hours at a time. Two are bilingual (our signs and flyers), and two are completely in Spanish. We’re really hoping to move in to the Latino/a community and establish connections for Christ Fellowship Network. If they seem interested, we encourage them to fill out a contact card. Then we call them a day (or more) later to see if they are still interested. Many people are very polite and don’t want to turn us down, so they give us excuses and tell us to call back. Others accept our invitation and make plans to meet with Lawson and I but cancel last minute. We have yet to meet up with someone.

Despite the numerous unsuccessful attempts, prayer station is definitely my favorite thing to do. When people actually come up, I like to wonder why they did. Are they really counting on us to pray for them? Do they not pray but want us to pray? Or do they perhaps not have any one else to turn to? There are some who approach the table and pour their hearts unto the piece of paper, and I don’t mean just simply with words. I see it in their faces. They take long pauses and think deeply about their words, as if their words determined the answer to their prayer. Some, after deep thought, end up writing merely three words, but their face – it says much more than those three words. Others, just want to debate with us, condemn us, or are Christians themselves and want to come over and encourage us.

On Wednesday evenings, we attend one of the house churches that is part of the Christ Fellowship Network. It’s a very nice group of people! We have dinner together and fellowship. Then someone leads praise and then we delve into the word. This summer we’re in Romans. Then, we have communion together and fellowship some more.

Lawson and I have also joined a gym at a local college. We have called our time there “Workoutreach at Gym.” We even got a discount for being roommates! We’re hoping to go there at least four times a week and see if we can somehow reach out within the college-age community. Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers please! We will continue to update. Thanks! Oh, and here’s a picture of the BX Interns! :)

God of This City – Day #1

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Hello, friends! I’m in NY! Wow. My journey into this foreign land has begun! I flew in to Laguardia airport yesterday evening, so I had a great shot of the city! Thankfully, my partner Lawson greeted me right as I picked up my luggage. The first thing I did was buy my monthly Metro card, and hopped on the bus, and then the subway, and then we walked home. Lawson told me he got himself home the first day — I do not know how I would have done that!

Today, we (the four interns) got up for prayer in the morning; we meet in a park and sit under a big, beautiful tree, and we pray for the day. Words sometimes get drowned out because of the subway above and all the traffic noise around us, but it is for this city that we prayed for.

Then Lawson and I went to a busy section of the Bronx and set up the prayer table. It’s just a station where people can come write down their prayers and if they seem interested, we talk about Christ Fellowship, the organization of network of house churches we are working with. The prayer table was by far the best event today. I love watching people come up to write down their prayers and pray over them as they write. We’ll get to do this thrice a week in different parts of the Bronx. Oh, and Lawson and I are planning to join the gym and let God work through us there. The song God of This City came to me during the prayer station time. If you don’t know the lyrics, look them up! I don’t know who sings it, but I feel like this song will be in my head a lot while in this city. Please keep praying for me and my partners while in NY! I will keep posting as the days go by! :)