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I’m going to have to follow the lead of many of my peers as I reiterate that the topic of evolution has the potential to cause a variety of emotions to surface based on what you believe, and where you are in your own personally understanding and development. For a both Christians and Evolutionists, anger can arise as this debate has been ongoing for centuries now between “Science v. Religion”. Growing up in the Church of Christ, I can’t help but feel as if the theory of evolution was presented to me with extreme bias against it, as it was supposed to serve as a theory with the sole purpose to disprove Christianity. From as early as I can remember, without even forming my own opinions on the topic, I believed that the theory of evolution meant that there was no God. In my ignorance I believed that for quite some time as I continued to hear sermons on disproving evolution and other people talk about the topic. It wasn’t until I began to look into the theory of evolution that I realized that God and the theory of evolution co-exist, and that I believe there to be truth from both perspectives.

Plato and Aristotle both did not believe in evolution. They believed that God’s creation was fixed, never to improve and never to degenerate. The only way for creation to ever vary would be by the act of God changing it. Charles Darwin, on the other hand, believed and endorsed human evolution. My thought is, “why can they not co-exist and both be correct”? As a believer, I truly believe that God created the world the way it is described in Genesis, but I also believe he created is with the capacity to change, to adapt, and to evolve as part of his creation. It is important to be aware of this truth when dealing with the idea of evolution. As a race we have evolved from a people who used to light up our houses by candles, to people who can flip a switch to provide an entire city electricity. As we continue to learn and explore and find new discoveries about our brains and our capabilities, we also continue to adapt as a result.

Although I do not agree with all that comes with the evolutionary theory, I still think that it is something that is important to look at and be aware of as it affects every human being in some form or fashion.

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  1. Emily Bibb
    6:25 pm, 03.06.13


    I like your post and that you addressed the fact that there is a past full of dissension between Christians and Evolutionists. I have wondered why the Christian belief and the belief held by Evolutionists cannot co-exist as well. I also come from a Church of Christ background and despite the extreme bias that was presented to me against evolution in the church, my parents encouraged me and my siblings to form our own opinions. I think many individuals in our generation had similar experiences whatever their background and that is why we are looking toward a synthesized view of both perspectives of creation and evolution. Thank you for your thoughts!

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