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This video is the perfect example of how classical and operant conditioning is managed in our daily lives. We often don’t realize how much we do and get rewarded because of it and how little we do if we are not getting rewarded for it. It’s funny to me how behaviorism is understood by so many now days. If an individual understands the concept of behaviorism then more likely than not, that individual will get what they want. It is easy to use classical conditioning as such to get what you want. The stimuli, response, consequence process is what allows us to act the way we do just as the girlfriend does in this video. Sheldon is trying to get the girlfriend to realize that when she is quiet (like he wants her to be), she will be rewarded with chocolate. I believe that we all naturally are treated this way and treat others this way as well. I don’t necessarily believe that we should constantly have to be rewarded in order to do something that others want us to do, but it is a system that works and it works well. Although it seems great to get whatever you want by having an understanding of behaviorism and using it to your advantage, it can be misused for negativity. I believe there is a fine line between the right and wrong way of this type of behaviorism understanding.

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  1. Jonathan Anglin
    8:52 pm, 04.02.13

    Lyndi, first off I love The Big Bang Theory, so I automatically stopped and read when I saw the clip-nice. On topic- I really appreciated what you said about the negative connotations of conditioning. Though it is really funny in scenarios like this, I agree that it is important to remember how poorly it could be used. Your “fine line” is interesting, I am curious if such a “line” has moved throughout generations, in the same way as something like tolerance of profanity in the media. Interesting thoughts! Thanks!

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