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Psychoanalysis is used to explore the unconscious and learn more about why that individual acts the way they do. There are many examples of this found in everyday life. The biggest one would be simply talking to a psychiatrist. They know what questions to ask that will provoke you to explore certain parts of your mind. Psychiatrists use many different techniques that allow them to see how your brain functions. Some of those include ink blots, free association, dream analysis, and even hypnosis.  Another example of this would be interrogations given by the police/FBI. They have to ask certain question to figure out if the person did it, or was even capable of doing it. One of my favorite TV shows is Criminal Minds. In this show, they have to look at the murders and figure out a suspect by narrowing down what type of person would be capable of such a crime.  They go over every little detail in order to find the killer(s) responsible. I have included a clip from one of the episodes that shows the team looking over the murder scene to find clues that will lead them to the killer (unsub).

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