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With the main premise behind psychoanalysis being to make the unconscious conscious, there are many techniques that therapist may use in hopes of achieving this goal. Ink blots, dream analysis, and free association are just a few of the techniques that may be used. What really intrigues me most is dream analysis. When I think of dream analysis, the first thing I think about is this clip from Space Jam that I always enjoyed growing up. In the movie, aliens from outer space have come down and stolen the talent from NBA players in order to play bugs bunny and the Looney Toons, but that’ a different story for a different post. Anyways, in this clip the basketball players are having all sorts of  medical tests run on them as well as seeing therapists to try and find out what is wrong with them. In the scene, the therapist is having them, individually, lie down on a couch and is having them talk about their lives as he analyzes them. He is working with dream analysis as well as free association in hopes of bringing something from the unconscious out into the open in order to better understand what is wrong with the basketball players psychologically. Although this is a more humorous clip and analogy, I still think that it is relevant in terms of what psychoanalysis looks like, and what the main objective of it is.

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