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Third Force Psychology focuses on the humanistic side of psychology. This approach deals with self-determination and free will. In North America free will is a very strong a prevalent topic, one that has been positively present in our culture. Third Force Psychology is actually being used in the classroom in order to change the current state of the children’s belief system. Beyond that is it being used as well for sensitivity training. It is all about changing the current mindset into something better; something more productive. With third force psychology this is possible. Another aspect that this effects is conflict resolution. With these being implemented in the school, children have a chance to receive a better education while still in public schools.


  1. Forrest Norman IV
    11:04 am, 04.24.13

    Good job! your post is detailed, covers it’s beliefs and perminance and it’s impact on cultures of the past and today. Encourging other people to foster and encourge thier “mindset” is an important and impacting facet of third force psychology that you covered very well.

  2. Avia Gray
    11:12 am, 04.24.13

    I never thought of using North America as a whole as demonstrating Third Force Psychology, but it is a great example. We as a culture are so independent and driven and often times succeed without thinking about who it will affect and how. Good thoughts!

  3. Laura Jane Hood
    8:40 pm, 04.24.13

    I agree a lot with the comment you made about Third Force’s value of free will and its presence in American culture. I would say that there has never been a society that value free will more than modern Americans. We live in a consumer culture that wants options to choose from. We tell our children that they can work hard, make it past things and become anything they want. We don’t accept excuses well, and we hold people who take responsibility for their lives and choices in high esteem. We value choice and our “innate” ability and right to make it.

  4. Gavin Lane
    10:03 pm, 04.24.13

    I think it is a good point that you mentioned that America seems to embody third force psychology. The view that everyone has good in them and that everyone should work hard and be creative are really the cornerstones of the american dream!

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