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This is one of my favorite psychological theories to focus on. Although I don’t believe in a hard humanistic approach to therapy or theory, I do believe in some of the main beliefs. That all humans are created with a drive to be unique and make a difference in the world. Unless there are severely altered biological or chemical imbalances, I think at the core everyone experiences satisfaction from displaying self-actualizing tendencies or behaviors. This is the backbone for why I believe in art as a form of therapy. I believe that everyone has the ability to create in some form or fashion whether that is through painting, designing, writing, singing, acting, sculpting and through that they are able to tap into and discover new sides of themselves that they didn’t know they previously had. I personally experience extreme satisfaction after finishing any form of art project or writing project even if it is not necessarily pleasing to society. Sadly, I think forms of creativity are discouraged in kids growing up or they are constantly critiqued by art teachers or professors to the point where their confidence is shot and they no longer enjoy creating because it is no longer about expressing themselves in a unique way.

Here is a short clip I found that shows more about art therapy.


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  1. Jason Hendrix
    1:02 am, 04.24.13

    I completely agree that individuality and creativity are too often limited by societal or cultural standards. I really do believe that we all have something to offer, whether its the way we sing, paint, write, or love, and I believe the humanist attempt to emphasize these gifts will lead us down the right path. Thanks for the post.

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