Blog 6: Third Force Psychology

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It has been difficult for me to wrap my brain around Third Force Psychology. I believe that is so because I have a tendency to move past suface problems and attempt to solve my issues by getting to the root of the problem. ¬†With Third Force, root issues may be present but are irrelevant to the way we deal with what is in front of us. While I believe it is important to focus on what is present and what we can deal with in the now, I also believe that avoiding the deeper issues crete band-aid solutions to problems. What has recently attracted me so much towards psychoanalysis is the break through component, or that moment of clarity that is reached by helping a patient or client realize the root of their issue. This would be similar to the feeling a teacher gets after seeing a student reach their “AHA” moment. Third Force Psychology requires a person to be more independent and reach the moment without help. Many people may not have the knowledge or drive to reach breakthrough moment on their own.

For me, what most reminds me of the Third Force Psychology movement is the fact that some people who behave without any motivation. For instance, people who give money to different organizations, because they can and want to, not necessarily because they see a need to. Sociopaths can also demonstrate Third Force Psychology because they have no emotional connections to everyday life. Those are just a few modern examples of Third Force Psychology.


  1. Ana Rodriguez
    3:05 pm, 04.24.13

    I agree with you. THere are certain perspectives that deal with how people view time and how that affects how they live. Some people choose to live and deal with only problems in the present. Some people choose to live their life and make decisions solely on past experiences and history. Others choose to live with a futuristic appraoch and make decisions about what the future might hold. Most people tend to have a mixed perspective on all of it. However third force does seem pretty closed off in this reagard.

  2. Grant Williams
    7:52 pm, 04.24.13

    I think your interpretation of third force psychology is pretty spot on. When you refer to the “AHA” moment, I believe that is what many third force psychologists strive for. They don’t necessarily want to solve peoples problems, but rather allow them to solve their problems for themselves. I also agree that this school of thought may not work well with those who do not have the drive to achieve on their own.

  3. Meghan Lawrence
    11:37 pm, 04.24.13

    I like that your viewpoint on third force psychology didn’t necessarily fit the mold and that you questioned the theory. It brought new ideas up that I believe are very important to think about.

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