Third Force Psychology

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Third force psychology is one of the most interesting schools of thought to me. I think this has to do with the way I as raised. My parents raised me to be creative and always do the best I can in everything. They new there were probably one or two things that I was very good at, and things that I genuinely enjoyed. So they pushed me in certain areas and I exhaled in those areas. I think this theory is appealing to alot of americans because this tends to be what american families do. Everyone wants there child to be the best, but not everyone can, they find something that they can be good at. While doing something just to be good at it is not very genuine, doing something you genuinely like, and happen to be good at seems to be fine.


  1. Forrest Norman IV
    11:01 am, 04.24.13

    I’m glad to hear you enjoy third force psychology, however what you describe sounds more behavioristic. Pushing a person I a certain direction through coercion is undeniably behavioral techniques not third force. To solidify your claims to liking this psychological viewpoint, i would suggest you talk about things you like about it in your post, and cite real examples where it impacts your life.

  2. Avia Gray
    11:15 am, 04.24.13

    Raymond also talked about America being an example of Third Force Psychology. While I don’t believe that Third Force is a very developed idea, I do believe that parts of it are relevant. I think that people can coerce children to be able to have more independent attitudes and think for themselves.

  3. Stephanie Heron
    4:55 pm, 04.24.13

    I agree that America is an example of Third Force Psychology and that parents today tend to encourage their child’s creativity and talents over shoving them into a cookie-cutter lifestyle. I also think Third Force Psychology is part of America’s innovative economic system because we have generations growing up with the encouragement to think outside the box. It’s the innovative thinking that has brought society to it’s current progressive state.

  4. Laura Jane Hood
    8:32 pm, 04.24.13

    I agree with the idea that American’s adopt the Third Force ideals, but I sometimes wonder how well we do this. I know a lot of parents, and I would venture that you do as well, who push their children so hard to be involved in and successful at something, ANYTHING, that those children end up being slaves to something they have no passion for and find not enjoyment in. If we’re seeking to fulfill Third Force ideals, than this is exactly the opposite.

  5. Gavin Lane
    9:48 pm, 04.24.13

    I too was raised by parents with similar views that you should always be creative, do your best, and there is good in every person. I think it is interesting that this view seems to be shared by different cultures. The southern culture seems to share this view as well as the military culture, and my dad was a part of both. It is cool to see that psychology is the source of all of this.

  6. Meghan Lawrence
    11:45 pm, 04.24.13

    I enjoyed your idea that third force psychology was already used within the family home. I also believe that that is one of the reasons that third force psychology is so appealing and used so frequently within the states.

  7. Tyler Lotz
    2:29 pm, 04.26.13

    I like your major idea about our family pushing us to achieve in certain areas, it is true that most parents desire for their child to be “the best” at something, and whether or not that thing is what the child would normally have become passionate about is often not the highest concern

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