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Wouldn’t it be great if all parents were third force counselors for their kids? I am not saying that some parents do not have good approaches, but I am saying that some do not have great approaches, and some are just plain bad. I feel, and it is problaby just because of my experience, that many parents try too much to embrace the behaviorist model. Parents often attempt to program their kids, and start doing it as soon as possible. Sure it works, and often kids turn out to be just fine, and successfull and productive individuals, but did they become what they were “meant” to be?

If parents took on the client-centered approach and let the child have much more responsibility for the direction of what and how to change that would be awesome, or no? What if parents took a step back and let kids come up with what they wanted to become early in life based upon their own assessments, and with as little influence from parents? Would we have less kindergarteners saying they want to be doctors, and firefighters? Would less college students look at their college education as trade school because they would feel less pressure to make sure they do something with their education that makes as much money as possible?

Parents do not need to have a formal relationship with their children. They can still love passionately and and be invested, along with being attentive, supportive of the child’s opinion, non judgmental, informative without being very influential.

Parents claim they want to get their child ready to be capable of being on their own. I agree with that stance. However, kids will grow up and make their OWN choices someday, hopefully, but how much of their choice is theirs to begin with if they themselves are victim to transference from their parents?

I am a firm believer that just because you are the best it does not mean that you did not underachieve. Just because you are better than everyone else, it does not mean you are the best you can be. Is every great achiever doing what they are supposed to be? Could they have been better at something else? Do we even care if people are not living up to their true potential as long as they are living above the standard mean of success? I care! I do not want to see someone under achieve. The beauty and the beast of life is that we often do not know what we were meant for, if we ever know.

So lets let nature of passion take its course, and have parents do a better job of assisting their kids find their purpose in life.

Blog post 5

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Psychoanalysis has had a synergistic momentum in the past few decades in my opinion. Through movies, advertising, art, music, fashion, the treatment of human bodies with piercings and tattoos and several other areas where something has been created because of something “unconscious” was inspiring. Luckily for unconscious (if it were a person) he is in luck because today’s culture is much more accepting of him. Why hide him when he can lead to the next best thing? Also even if it isn’t the next great thing it can at least be chalked up as artful, unique, or brave for allowing him to come out and entertain us. There is much more use of unconscious today then there ever has been, and people do not realize it. because of that there is the hope, or nightmare, that people who do not know that they are getting manipulated without knowing it, by someone else who knows how to tap into the mass majority of unconscious desires, gets taken advantage of. Am I saying that psychologist are going to rule the world? No (even though who knows if they aren’t already…ha, but seriously…) but the knowledge and study of psychoanalysis is a very powerful weapon.

blog post #3

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Do I believe in evolution? Yes. Do I like to eat cake? yes. However do I eat cakes in their entirety? No, I eat it one slice per serving, and one bite at a time. Same thing with adopting the thoughts of evolutionary theories into my own beliefs. I haven’t excepted all that evolution has to offer me, but I have started indulging into it a little bit at a time. I used to think evolution was not acceptable if you claim to be a Christian, but slowly but surely I realized that there are theories that keep the integrities of both outlooks in tact. Much like cake, I choose not to eat too much at a time. I have slowly adapted different theories to my beliefs after chewing on them, but making sure to take in too much at a time.  A lot of that probably comes with furthering education. Although people become more aware of the possibilities of the evolutionary facts, people still have a choice to believe in God. For some evolution pulls people away from God and the idea of creation, but as for me, it concretes my belief in Him more.

I used to think God created everything. He spoke it into existence. And the world didn’t progressed, it only has regressed. All because the sunday school told me thats what the Bible says. I still believe that God spoke things into creation, but not into their final product like Genesis says. I think Genesis was written in a form of poetry, and I don’t read poetry in a literal sense. So with that I believe that God created molecules and predestined exactly how they were going to ignite and progress into what they make up today on a biochemical level. The fact that He created something that had to be so perfect to turn into something so grand in marvelous. God created molecules and knew everything that we are coming to know about genetic expression and what not, and gave those molecules, millenniums ago, their origin so that they would accelerate on the path that would give way to David McAnulty and other people in our class. The creation of capacity and potential of each form of life is what is impressive to me, and its that power and knowledge of His that draws me closer to Him.

Are my thoughts incomplete and bias and a product of my environment? Heck yes! They are evolving. Its a process. its great to talk about, and try to figure it out. And like evolutionary psychologist trying to figure it out Im going to do so a little at a time. Note that my beliefs are based at the rate and credibility of their findings. So hopefully I live long enough to figure it all out with their help.

Blog post 2

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The area that Greek culture has influenced our world today, through my eyes, is their quest and determination to ask and answer questions. There is a lot of attention to what philosophers said, but I am marveled at how they came to even think about those topics in the first place. The only reason I think about those things is because they have already been thought of and answered. So it leaves me to merely evaluate there final product, their creed, but I would not even wonder into the depths of philosophy if it wasn’t for someone else posing questions.

Today people are still searching. People are trying to be better. People are trying to become more efficient in life in all aspects and trying to take the shortest, not always the easiest, path. People are doing that by listening to others who claim to have figured it out. The people are writing books, sharing thoughts, plans, strategies, and others are interested in what these people are stating. Of course these authors are doing to earn some money, but they first had to ask themselves a question. They then answered that question and proclaimed it to themselves as worthy enough for others to believe it as well. Its audacious. However, audacious is not always a negative thing.

How and why people are seeking to improve their welfare is beyond me. The facts are inarguable. People are selling and buying books that are meant to help you help yourself. They are full of theories. They claim to be groundbreaking, as if we all have been wasting our time in the dark. It reminds me of the philosophers that we learn about: creative, progressive, and audacious.

Blog one: living the good life

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To live a good life is a beautiful life. Beauty is in the beholder. As a christian I would urge people to live their life chasing God and immersing themselves into his life manual, The Holy Bible, however I also unfortunately believe that would not be optimum for some peoples restless souls while they are here on earth. I truly am convinced that living the good life is about preparing yourself for eternity and to fight the good fight of good vs evil which ultimately God vs evil (Satan). So merely being in Gods army is “good enough” for me.

With that said I don’t think thats how I would start someone off on their road to living “good”. i would merely just try to explain to someone how vital it is for an individual to find out their optimum balance between fun and satisfying.

Happiness stems from two things: fun and satisfying. Fun things lead to instant pleasure and contemptment in ones life. Satisfaction leads to deeper pleasure and is much more focused on the future. Though satisfying doesn’t always come with doing things that are natural, self gratifying, easy, and enjoyable. It can often times require hard sacrifice that calls a person to get outside of ones comfort zone and opens up insecurities and past wounds. Once those tasks are done, with certain goals in mind, a person is then able to look back on the accomplishments and feel a sense of enjoyment with their time of existence in this confusing world.

So, how much fun should someone have? How much satisfaction through action, whether difficult or easy, should someone pursue? that all depends on the individual. Someone has to have enough emotional intelligence to recognize what will allow them to sustain a life that will allow them to enjoy themselves and others around them while still feeling and believing that what they are doing is amounting to something. A lot of it includes that constant battle between loving and being loved, but it is not merely just that. That is a different discussion for a different day. I am not at liberty to answer for all people. I have not formulated an equation for the masses that can be put on paper and hung on a refrigerator that will permit someone to use everyday when they ask themselves “should I have fun or should i look for satisfaction”. Life and love isn’t like weight watchers where someone can count points all day everyday and as long as they meet their criteria at the end of the day they can feel good.

Do I want people to have fun? Yes! Do I want people to learn how to enjoy the struggle of bettering themselves and others around them? Yes! Do I believe that both fun and satisfaction can be accomplished in the same actions? Yes! It all just depends on the individual. It depends on their natural tendencies and their surroundings. For some it is easier to have fun and still find ways to improve their own lives and the lives of the people around them. Others are not so lucky. Their resources are different, limited, and their passions can be meet but only by enduring more conflict to accomplish optimum resolutions.

Its gray matter. Through 20/20 vision of hindsight we can see black and white. People need to embrace their desires and balance them with their creeds. People need to embrace vision and formulate goals, long terms and short term, to logistically go about meeting their vision, in hopes of one day looking their goal in the eye, and finally saying “hello, how are you? Ive been waiting, through action, to meet you”.


– Illuminati

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  1. Bobby Brown on
    2:20 pm, 04.24.13

    I think that universalism has room for the cases you mention as far as odd sexual relationships and racism. It is okay to take a universalism mindset and acknowledge and accept their reality because that gives room to also accept the opposing views that are against those odd balls. Luckily for universalism is that even as against the grain someone might go, there will be much more influence that goes with the grain and will more than balance out the acts of the odd ones. But then again that’s because I have high hopes for humanity. I am not sure if humanism leads me to believe in universalism or vice versa, but I feel the need to claim both in an all or nothing battle.

  2. Bobby Brown on Third Force Psychology
    2:13 pm, 04.24.13

    Also being in therapy I agree that the therapeutic style that was most familiar with third force was most most helpful for me. Ive experienced 2 therapists and one of them was a very distant and confrontational type, and it made me more defensive and I would catch myself abiding to his influence of opinions. I felt that he wanted the best for me, but I also did not find a lot of satisfaction from that time in therapy like I did with the counselor who was much more empowering of me.

  3. Bobby Brown on Blog Post 5
    11:09 pm, 04.12.13

    yes people seem to be much more concerned with the “why” rather than how to get better results. Apparently psychoanalysis is just more satisfying because people want to stop digging once they find the answer, and not necessarily apply it. What if we didnt have psychoanalysis? Did Freud just really give us this huge distraction?

  4. Bobby Brown on
    11:05 pm, 04.12.13

    i definitely agree with you on the fact that so many people are much more intune or at least knowledgable with the concept of the unconscious. This allows people to be excused for being different, and in some ways encouraged to be different. This is all because it is seen as healthy to be tapped into your unconscious side, and to be the best of who you are naturally inclined to be.

  5. Bobby Brown on Blog 2
    6:43 pm, 02.01.13

    Yes, the greeks have influnced us so much. Today we are still being influenced, by them and current people. They were able to go outside of the normal way of thinking of taking life at surface value and finding a way to dig deeper. Their exploration into “meanings” have paved a way that we can never ignore. Today we are still being influenced, but not just by them. We as humans succumb, depend, and want more. We generally want more out of life. Just like the Greek philosophers there are people today that are searching, and are making sure that people know about their findings. We want to know what is out there for us. We dont have to go very far to see what people are telling us there is for us. Whether its books, movies, tv shows, commercials, billboard adds, or anything that costs us money or time, people are selling us ideas of how to get more out of life just like the Greeks. It all boils down to how things can make your life better, how you can find a purpose, how you can define your life and others around you. Isnt that what the greeks did for us? Is an advertising agency looked at as a group of philosophisors? Not by most people. Yet, arent they offering us ideas of what the answer is to the questions we are all trying to get right?

  6. Bobby Brown on The second blog
    6:29 pm, 02.01.13

    I agree with how impressive it is that those guys even allowed their minds, had the capacity, to explore things that had not really been taught or even brought up at great length. With all of our advancements and our ability to research things we are advancing their thoughts and inquiries. I wish that those men had what we have today so they could further their thoughts and polish what they layed out for us. However, it is because of men like them that really got the ball rolling at a faster rate and provoked such a need to “know”. Whether I agree with thier theories on life, or how they handled themselves as individuals, I am thankful for their existence and what their lives gave to our world today. It was tough, but I guess someone had to do it, or did they?