Student Work

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Project Four: Open

by Amanda Shouse

Project Two: Classic Portrait

by Ashton Luckie

blog_ashton_FACE blog_ashton_FACE2

by Jennie Magner

Object Detail Face Value 1

by Paige Otway

paige1 paige2 paige3

by Taylor McDaniel

taylor_object edit 1 taylor_portrait edit 1 taylor_portrait edit 8

by Cierra Fitzgerald


Cierra_Detail Cierra_Object

by Amanda Shouse

amanda3 amanda2 amanda1

by Chelsea Thomas

chelsea4 chelsea3 chelsea2 chelsea1

by Caroline Levinson

caroline2 caroline3


by Elle Lockyer

elle1 elle2

by Brenee Ewing

brenee4 brenee3 brenee1 brenee2

Project One: Urban Landscape

by Caroline Levinson

caroline_levinson6 caroline_levinson5 caroline_levinson4 caroline_levinson3 caroline_levinson1


by Taylor McDaniel

taylor5 taylor3 taylor2 taylor1


by Paige Otway

paige otway2 paige otway3 paige otway4

paige otway6 paige otway5

 paige otway1

by Jennie Magner

jennie_1 jennie_4 jennie_3 jennie_2


by Chelsea Thomas

chelsea thomas1 chelsea thomas7 chelsea thomas6 chelsea thomas5 chelsea thomas4

chelsea thomas2 chelsea thomas3

by Caroline Taylor

caroline2 caroline5 caroline4 caroline3


by Amie Carnegie

amie_Sky View amie_Scrollwork amie_Lines crossed

amie_Post Office amie_Para amie_Duffy Bldg amie_distortion amie_Cypress amie_Church amie_Alley amie_Air out the place

by Amanda Mackey

amanda5 amanda4 amanda2 amanda1


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