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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jonas Nguh, Exemplifying ACU’s Spirit of Service

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A highly regarded professor within the online Doctor of Nursing Practice program, Dr. Jonas Nguh exemplifies ACU’s spirit of faith-inspired service. He’s passionate about nursing and public health — and determined to make his mark both at home and abroad. Keep reading for a fascinating dive into Dr. Nguh’s background and his current philosophy of education.

Academic and Professional Pursuits

Prior to entering the nursing profession, Dr. Nguh earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Walden University, followed by his Master of Healthcare Administration from Strayer University in Washington, D.C. He later returned to Walden to earn his Ph.D. in Public Health.

Dr. Nguh began teaching at ACU about two years ago. Initially, he worked part-time as an adjunct faculty member, but went full-time after just a few months. Prior to working at ACU, he was the chair of the School of Nursing at Kaplan University and an adjunct faculty member in the Walden University’s Graduate School of Nursing. His skill and commitment to education are evidenced by the numerous awards he’s received, including the Outstanding Mentor Award from the Maryland Nurses Association and, more recently, the Commitment to Social Change Award from Walden University.

Just as heavily engaged in the healthcare community as he is in academia, Dr. Nguh is a fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives and the National Academy of Practice. He’s also involved with the American Association of Nursing, which aims to encourage diversity in the nursing profession. These organizations have played a critical role in his professional development. He explains, “In order for you to advance or continue to excel in your career, it is expected that you engage in this kind of work — non-paid work, where you are using your own knowledge, your own expertise to contribute to the development of the profession and industry.”

Of course, Dr. Nguh’s efforts aren’t purely intended to bolster his CV. He believes that his involvement with various professional organizations keeps him on top of his game as an educator. “I truly believe that in order for me to be as effective an educator as I can be, I have to keep up my own knowledge base.”

Recently accepted as an examiner for the Department of Commerce’s Malcolm Baldridge Excellence Award program, Dr. Nguh will soon be responsible for reviewing applications in the fields of healthcare and education. In determining whether to accredit applying organizations, Dr. Nguh and his fellow examiners will evaluate customer surveys, quality improvement, and a variety of other factors. He hopes that in this new role he will help the healthcare industry continue to raise the bar.

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Nguh excels in his role at ACU. Having attended and taught at several academic institutions, he’s enjoyed ample opportunities over the years to develop a robust philosophy of education. However, this philosophy is constantly evolving. He regards himself, like his students, as a lifelong learner. Essentially, lifelong learning is his philosophy — he believes that students and professionals alike should learn as much as they can so as to better serve their community.

A Passion For Service

Dr. Nguh is zealous about giving back. This involves not only his efforts with the Malcolm Baldridge Excellence Award program, but also his commitment to fitting at least one mission trip into his busy schedule every year. He takes these trips with his church, which travels regularly to third-world countries to assist in service projects.

One of Dr. Nguh’s favorite mission trips? Souls for Soles, in which the members of various faith-based communities donated gently-used shoes to Nepalese families. In Nepal and several other countries, children regularly walk several miles to school in bare feet; Dr. Nguh and others involved in the Souls for Soles program offered relief via quality footwear.

Dr. Nguh’s involvement in programs such as Souls for Soles helps him connect to his roots. He was born in Cameroon but moved to the United States as a teenager. He’s lived over half his life in America and has completed the entirety of his postsecondary education here. He didn’t return to his native country for two decades after he left, primarily because all of his family lives in the US. This may be home, but he appreciates doing his part for those abroad. He’s discovered that “there’s so much fulfillment when you can do the work that merges with your passion and your fate.”

Of course, none of this would be possible if Dr. Nguh didn’t work for an organization that recognizes the value of giving back, especially in connection with faith-based communities. He is thankful that ACU provides such a valuable opportunity. He explains, “[ACU is] an environment that encourages you to serve.” This is critical to him, for he believes that all of the knowledge he and his academic colleagues have gained will do little good if they leave it on the bookshelf and fail to apply it in the real world. “When you are able to translate that into some service, or product, you begin to live out your own faith.”

Family Man

When he’s not occupied by teaching, professional organizations, or charitable efforts, Dr. Nguh keeps busy with his family. He’s the proud father of two sets of twin girls, born six years apart. ACU allows him to maintain a fulfilling home life as he pursues his love of teaching and other professional pursuits.

ACU is fortunate to have such a faithful and committed faculty member in our ranks. Dr. Nguh provides the ultimate model of selfless giving, all in the interest of benefiting a greater cause. We hope the ACU community will be inspired by both his professional and charitable accomplishments — and that students and faculty alike will follow his example of service.

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