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Faculty Spotlight: Michael Landry, Nursing

By on November 1, 2017 in ACU Programs with 4 Comments

Adjunct faculty member Michael Landry grew up in a family full of medical professionals. As a kid, he always admired his teachers. Working as an educator in the healthcare field seemed a natural fit. His original plan was to complete medical school, but his aunt—a certified registered nurse anesthetists  at New Orleans VA—inspired him to pursue nursing. In addition to undergraduate degrees in biology and nursing (from Nicholls State University), Dr. Landry earned a master of science in nursing (MSN) and a doctor of nursing science, both from Louisiana State University Medical Center.

Dr. Landry started out as a staff nurse and spent most of his career in nursing administration. After working in the field for a while, he joined the faculty of a nursing program. He’s been a nurse for more than 30 years and has spent the last 20 teaching, including in ACU Online’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

Dr. Landry not only brings his real-world patient care and nursing leadership experience to ACU, but he also brings biblical principles to the classroom as much as possible. This approach allows him to model the Christian faith to students, and show how it is relevant to the nursing field.

We asked Dr. Landry a few questions about his career and the DNP program.

ACU: DNP programs are rising in popularity as demand for nurse-leaders with higher degrees is surging. Tell us why this program, and specifically at ACU, is important to the field.

LANDRY: The history of the DNP degree is that a group of nursing and business leaders met to explore new ways of attracting more people into the field of nursing, and it was felt that a practice doctorate would be of great value. While we have had Ph.D.s and Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) degrees for some time, these degrees focus on performing research. And so what has happened is research is performed, it is published to inform the science of nursing, but it may or may not actually be implemented into practice. The DNP, as a doctoral-level degree, helps to fill this gap by teaching nurses how to perform research and how to implement research into practice.

The other important issue is that we are facing a continued and growing shortage of physicians. The nurse practitioner, in particular the DNP-level nurse practitioner, is going to be called upon to make up for this shortage. Having a doctoral education will improve the nurse practitioner’s ability to serve in this role.

What qualities and attributes do you think are essential in nursing today and why?

I think the fundamental attribute is what it has always been: to be someone who can be an advocate for their patients or staff, someone who can assist patients by providing meaningful care. It takes someone who is caring and persistent, who is dedicated to doing all that they can for those for whom they provide care.

What do you love most about the ACU community?

I thoroughly enjoy working with our students and faculty. Our director, Dr. Tonya Sawyer-McGee, has been an inspiration to work with in the nursing program. It has been a great experience to be a part of the Abilene Christian University family!

Outside of teaching and beyond the healthcare field, what are your pastimes?

I spend most of my free time with two of my three grandsons, Jack (10) and Matthew (6). Sawyer, who was just born in September 2017, lives in Virginia. I did get to spend a couple of weeks in October visiting with him, his mom, and our son. I typically work out twice a day at the gym in weight-training and training for triathlons. I golf and play tennis with family, friends, and my grandsons.

I enjoy gardening and have a very small vineyard. My wife and I like to travel. We have visited most of the United States and Europe. My favorite trip of all time was to visit Ephesus, and to see where St. Paul preached the gospel.


Dr. Michael Landry, a nurse and educator, sets a great example of how someone can grow in their nursing career by earning an advanced degree. Learn more about earning a DNP.

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  1. A very special thank you to Dr. Landry for his excellent teaching skills, depth of understanding of nursing and the nursing student, and sharing his knowledge in the manner that makes learning exciting! An excellent role model and teacher!

  2. Leigh Holley says:

    Dr. Landry’s dedication, leadership, professionalism, and enthusiasm for nursing education are unparalleled. As a student in ACU’s DNP program, I enrolled in doctoral statistics & research with much fear and trepidation-stats has never been my strong suit. Dr. Landry not only allayed my fear but demonstrated an outstanding ability to break down difficult concepts into something digestible. His desire for his students to succeed is clear as he goes over and above to help…I speak from experience. He is an exemplary educator driven to make a difference in the nursing profession and ACU is blessed to have him!

  3. Stacey L Forte says:

    Dr. Landry was a breath of fresh air. I have several degrees and have taken many course in stats but this course under his leadership was one of the most enjoyable stats classes in my life. Dr. Landry thank you for your dedication and committment to assist us in our journey towards obtaining our terminal degrees as DNPs. Thanking you for all that you do. You made stats enjoyable and I still remember most of what was taught. ACU has an excellent instructor in you.

  4. (Gene) Barry Eugene Graham says:

    Dr. Landry is a blessing to Abilene Christian University and his students. He is an engaged educator who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that his students comprehend course objectives, as well as become successful in their academic endeavors. Dr. Landry was able to take a challenging subject matter and utilize his expertise to convert statistics and research into an enjoyable topic which I am still able to refer to in other academic discussions. Thank you for your dedication and becoming an icon of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Abilene Christian University. May God bless you and your family always.

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