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Many times students enrolled in online Christian universities miss the opportunity to interact with international students or study abroad. However, unlike many other Christian universities offering online graduate study, ACU is dedicated to global learning and exploring a breadth of cultures. About 25 percent of students who graduate from ACU have participated in study abroad programs and short term programs abroad as well. ACU students have been involved in learning in Oxford, England; Leipzig, Germany; and Montevideo, Uruguay. They have also spent time with faculty in China, Australia, Egypt, Uganda, Ghana, Honduras, and Mexico. Diverse People Friendship Togetherness Connection Aerial View Concept

The online graduate university, ACU, welcomes international students. This online Christian university’s faculty and staff endeavor to attract well-prepared students from various cultures and geographic locations, as well as economic levels, and age groups. Students learn best when they interact in online graduate degree coursework with interesting people who bring different perspectives to the discussion board and other classroom assignments.  Intercultural knowledge, integrative thinking, and collaborative problem-solving skills are developed as students in their online graduate work share ideas and experiences that are different from their own backgrounds. Interacting with other students enrolled at this online Christian university helps students to become familiar with persons from other countries, closing social distance which can create prejudices. Students interacting with international students learn tolerance and love for other cultures, just as Jesus demonstrated and commands. This mindset of acceptance of other cultures prepares graduates of this online Christian university to be good citizens of the world and be prepared to work in the ever increasing global workplace.

Abilene Christian University prides itself on its online graduate degree program’s commitment to create an environment where students, faculty, and staff respect each other and enjoy the blessings of diversity. Students commit to respect themselves and others in speech and actions, welcoming different cultural viewpoints and traditions while enjoying the blessings of diversity. They recognize in the context of an online Christian university like ACU that God created all people groups and God loves all people groups. God teaches us to love others, and to love those in a different cultural group and with different languages and traditions.

Depending on the program students are enrolled in at this online Christian university, they will be enrolled in different online degree courses where they may engage with and learn about the business, culture, history, literature, counseling styles, education, and languages of other countries. Students can widen their viewpoints and horizons as they may study education, healthcare, journalism, management, government, and religion in an international context. Students with an interest in cultural aspects of a society can apply what they learn from other cultures and apply what they have learned to their online graduate coursework assignments. They can research and see for themselves how the literature, music, art, and history of a people influence their politics and economics. They can do more than read about unusual geographical features or significant landmarks; they can compare and contrast various philosophies and traditions of various nations around the world with each other and their own.

ACU, an online Christian university, welcomes international students with love as created and loved by God, as they are. International students applying for admission to Abilene Christian University online degree programs are given the same consideration as domestic students. The Center for International Education issues immigration documents to admitted international students who have met the English language and financial requirements of the university.

In today’s global economy, employees find themselves learning with, worshiping with,  living near, and working with various international and cultural groups. Pastors find themselves leading members from different cultural groups, counselors find themselves counseling persons with other cultural backgrounds and experience, teachers find themselves teaching a widely diverse classroom, and supervisors in all fields of work find themselves supervising many different cultural groups both on site and in virtual settings.

Outsourcing to employees and companies in other continents has become the way business is done in today’s technologically rich world.  This means that much of management actions and communication occurs between different cultural groups across international borders. While it is difficult to learn to manage and communicate well with persons from other countries without proper education and training, ACU, in its online degree programs and Christian context, prepares students to accept and communicate with all peoples.

While problems that can arise as a result of international miscommunication can affect all persons, whether enrolled in a university or engaged in the workplace, education and an atmosphere of love such as that found in a Christian university such as ACU can prepare graduates to problem solve and overcome miscommunication. Stereotyping of other cultural groups that is common in many universities and work situations can be a barrier that prevents persons from other cultural groups from learning to love the Lord. At ACU, the online Christian university degree program coursework prepares students to love and share God’s love with across various cultural groups.

One way relationships can be built across borders is through frequent interactions with people from other cultures, and online graduate degree coursework at ACU includes frequent communications with other students in the online graduate classes. Students, employees, and managers of various cultural groups must treat each other with respect and demonstrate agape love, regardless of their backgrounds. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to educate students in a loving, Christian environment where faculty, mentors, and other students create role models demonstrating this attitude toward others. Learning to work with, live with, worship with, and manage employees with different cultural traditions is an important quality for life in today’s global community.

There is no better way to prepare for life in today’s global environment than working on a graduate degree in an online Christian environment like that found at Abilene Christian University. It’s welcoming attitude of other cultures, international students, and all persons make it a university where students learn to communicate with, interact with, and accept people of diverse backgrounds. This rich environment prepares students to be good citizens of the world and creates Christian leaders in the workplace.


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