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Seeking a Graduate Degree: Can it Mean a Closer Walk with God?

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Earning a graduate degree online from a Christian university can give you lots of benefits in your career and it will help you attain your career goals. You can expect a greater income with a graduate degree, and be more likely to move upward in your organization with a graduate degree. However, do you realize that you will also become closer to God by enrolling in an online graduate program at a Christian university in Texas named ACU? There are many reasons why your relationship with God will become deeper while enrolled in an online university, besides the obvious reason that you will be praying more as you face the challenges of the online graduate degree coursework.

One way that you will get closer to God through your online graduate program at a Christian university is through the people you will meet in your program who are also pursing graduate degrees online at your Christian university. These networking opportunities for a student at an online Christian university do not just provide opportunities to connect with others who are local to the university, but who are living and working in various places worldwide. Students earning an online graduate degree at ACU can network with students from around the country and around the world. As these other students you meet are also enrolled in an online Christian university, you will get ideas for living and working as a Christian that you would not get from networking in a secular university.

You will be encouraged by fellow students as encouraging others is part of the Christian walk. While other secular universities foster a competitive, even ruthless competitive spirit in some cases, an online Christian university fosters a collaborative atmosphere that highlights the fruits of the Spirit like kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, and self-control. You will interact with others of like mind in your online Christian coursework, and you will develop relationships and even friendships with others in online graduate programs like the one you are in who are walking the same Christian walk. These friendships and relationships you form in your online Christian degree program with other students can help you as well as you go from graduate student to leader in your field. Networking with others who have earned graduate degrees at a Christian university will help you to maintain ethical standards in your career. You can also pray for one another, and support one another’s efforts to maintain a Godly perspective.

Graduate students earning an online degree at a Christian university like ACU can also network with Christian instructors in many different areas of education who have lived and worked in many different places. A Christian instructor ensures a relationship based on fairness, ethical behavior, and encouragement in online degree course work. Conversations and discussions with Christian professors are positive, both as a student and later after graduation with a graduate degree. As Christian instructors live the Christian life in all aspects of their lives, they can become role models and present ideas for an effective Christian walk.

Christians enrolled in online graduate programs at ACU can grow closer to God as they network with alumni from the online graduate program that they are enrolled in and who know the pitfalls of trying to maintain a Christian lifestyle in a secular world. They can advise and pray for you as you develop relationships with them, and they can recommend actions to take to grow closer to God and move up in your career. With over 85% of jobs being filled by personal referrals, networking contacts, the benefit of knowing about positions where Christian ethics are practiced is of tremendous value to students. Working with other Christians will help you get closer in your relationship with God.

Another way you will become closer to God in your program at an online Christian university is through your coursework. Regardless of your degree sought at a Christian university, you will be involved in coursework that will make you think critically about your worldview, ethical behavior standards, and your relationship with God and its influence on all that you do. You will be given real world situations in your online graduate degree work that will make you evaluate your beliefs and apply them to situations. Whatever online graduate degree that you pursue, your relationship with God will influence your choices in your course work assignments, as well as everyday life. As you become closer to God as you progress in your classes, your relationship with Him will influence your relationship with others you encounter in your life.

If you are pursuing an online graduate degree in education, social work, counseling, business, or theology, you will be researching about topics in areas of life where you will be surprised at statistics on topics like the prevalence of child abuse, divorce, violent crime, ethical values, and you will read the opinions of writers in the secular world whose values different greatly from those that most students in an online graduate degree program share. Having classmates and instructors whose foundations of belief are based on God’s Word will help you to sort out Truth from secular ideas. In a secular university, you lack the Godly compass that you will find at ACU.

Another way that you will become closer to God in your time as an online graduate degree student is that you will learn philosophies and strategies that will influence your relationship with God. You may experience that “Aha!” moment as you learn about leadership theories like servant leadership and the importance of ethical behavior in leaders. In education, theology, counseling, and social work online graduate degree studies, you will learn the importance of demonstrating compassion for clients and students, just as Jesus showed compassion at all times. You will learn that a way of treating others that is mandated by Scripture will make your work more rewarding and effective. You will discover that much contemporary research repeats and reinforces the advice that God has given us in His Word. He never changes, His Word never changes, and you will be reassured at ACU that foundational principles of Godly behavior is always the most effective.

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