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Why Spring is a Time to Shine in Online Christian ACU Graduate Courses: 10 Tips To Put a Spring in Your Steps

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Spring has officially begun, and the cold days of winter and the accompanying winter blues will be over! The months between Christmas and before the onset of warmer weather is often a time when people feel unmotivated with little energy to tackle the tasks necessary to complete their graduate level coursework. However, as spring brings new life in nature, it can bring new life to your efforts to complete your graduate level coursework and earn your graduate degree at ACU. Now is the best time to shine in your coursework! Try these 10 simple tips to reawaken the scholar in you:

  • Open up the blinds and curtains where you study. The sunlight is brighter most days now, and it is true that light energizes the scholar, as well as making it easier to see the text in your superior course materials at the best Christian online university ever!
  • Whenever possible, go outside and sit to do your reading or writing for your course. Sunlight is an important part of the spring, and it will also energize you.
  • Overcome cabin fever or study boredom by making time for yourself now that the weather is nicer. Go outside and take a hike or kick a soccer ball around after studying for an extensive period of time. Exercise will get your muscles and brain in shape.
  • Up your water intake if you’ve been relying on caffeine and sugar to get you through the day.  Staying hydrated is essential for healthy living and energy!
  • Spring brings more fresh fruits and vegetables, so you can improve your diet to help you have more energy and focus to complete your online graduate coursework. Enjoy whatever is growing or available in your area.
  • Take time to express gratitude to God for the wonders of this season, the birds making nests, the blade of grass popping out of the soil, the warm sun on your face. As your online graduate course work focuses on a Christian outlook at ACU, a top online Christian university, you need to stop and remember to thank God for His blessings of spring. While Thanksgiving, fall, is typically the time for thanks, every day and every season is a time to tell God thank you.
  • Spring is also the time for spring cleaning. It’s a good idea to organize your bookshelf and your study area, but it is also a good time to organize your computer. When is the last time you deleted files that are no longer needed for your online graduate work and organized the files that you want to keep for future reference? Students often get in a hurry with their online graduate coursework during the saving and submitting process that they soon find that they have lists of files that they no longer can remember the contents of. Now is the time to create folders, and then group resources by topics into those folders on your computer. You may need to rename files to better indicate their contents. Titles like 2/25 paper do not tell you a lot months later.
  • Another good thing about spring is spring break! Spring break gives the student time to relax a little and catch up or get ahead on online graduate course work requirements. With Easter services and celebrations at the end of spring break, students can complete assignments so that they will have time to enjoy family and friends and worship with other believers on Easter weekend.
  • The longer daylight that comes with spring gives the student more time to complete assignments before retiring in the evening. This time allows online graduate students to question the material that has been assigned in their online graduate degree course work, reflect on application of that material in their field of study, note areas of special interest for the student, respectfully challenge each other about their perspectives and ideas, and discover connections to other reading related to the assignments, as in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Spring is also a good time to review your progress in earning your online graduate degree from ACU. You may want to pursue a certificate in one of the areas that ACU offers in their online graduate degree areas.  Additional qualifications and certificates make students more attractive to current or prospective employers, and the more that a person learns, the more adept he or she is at the career that they choose. Unlike other online Christian universities offering just graduate courses, ACU offers several relevant certificate programs. These certificate programs include the following:
  1. Conflict Resolution. Conflict resolution is a vital skill for leaders and a useful skill for any professional. The certificate in conflict resolution allows opportunities to serve in a variety of capacities. In addition, it fulfills the Biblical commandment to be a peacemaker in every part of life.
  2. Conflict Resolution for Educators. In the classroom, being able to resolve conflicts with students is a necessary skill. As an administrator, resolving conflicts with parents and educators, as well as students is an important part of the job.
  3. Dietetic Internship. Abilene Christian University’s Dietetic Internship program is a 15-hour graduate-level certificate program designed to prepare students with the academic and clinical training to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians, allowing them to serve as registered dieticians.
  4. Enrollment Management. The Certificate in Enrollment Management at ACU equips professionals with the tools to be successful in their service in influential positions at colleges, universities and community colleges across the U.S. Consistent with the mission of ACU, the program aims to educate students for Christian service and leadership in their careers.
  5. Gerontology. A certificate in gerontology demonstrates proficiency in working with elder citizens, meeting their important needs.
  6. Learning with Emerging Technologies. This certificate teaches educators to use modern technology and 2.0 for teaching.
  7. Medical Family Therapy. This certificate enables those with this certificate to provide Christian therapy services to families in crisis.
  8. Social Services Administration. This certificate combines skills inmanagement, planning, and policymaking used by nonprofits and government agencies to enable students to become leaders in these organizations.
  9. Superintendent in Education. This certificate prepares professionals to become superintendents, leading school districts in providing superior education services for their students.

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