Earlier in October, Lucy Dawson and Veronica Whitt from the Center for International Education led an international student panel to share challenges faced by international students in communicating with faculty. Here are a few tips that emerged from the session.

  1. When designing class projects, consider the restrictions that international students may face.  For instance, international students are not allowed to work off campus.  They often do not have their own means of transportation.
  2. Put everything in Canvas to help students see what are expected. Many international students learn to read and write in English before they learn to listen and speak. Putting things in Canvas will give them an additional means to process your information.
  3. Teach students citation styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago style, instead of simply pointing them to resources such as Purdue Owl. It is more helpful to walk them through at least the basics before providing additional resources.
  4. Be aware of different perspectives international students may bring to your courses. They may not share the same perspectives with you as faculty or their fellow students.
  5. Ask international students to speak about issues related to their countries, but do not expect them to be an expert or perfect representative of their countries.

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