As the semester draws to a close, we would like to send a few reminders as you wrap up your Canvas courses and get ready for the new semester:

  1. Remember to check and change (if needed) the end dates of your courses while you have access.  Check this tutorial for details. If you do not change the end date, the default end date would be: Dec 15, 2020.  After that, you and students will be able to access the courses, but instructors and teaching assistants will not be able to edit them and students can no longer participate in the activities, including quizzes and assignments.
  2. Request course for your new semester. Check the tutorial here. You will notice that you have three options when you request a course, a blank course, a template, or copy from a previous course. If you intend to copy the course from a previous semester, I would encourage you to request a blank course first and copy the course later as this would make it possible for you to “shift the dates” automatically. Check instructions here on how to copy your course.
  3. If you intend to crosslist your courses for the new semester, follow instructions here.
  4. We try to put all Canvas tutorials together in this page. You might want to bookmark it for future reference.

Also check this video for some demonstrations. This video is recording from a training session: