Experiential Learning Development Program

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Proposals for funding are due Friday, November 13, 2020.

Departments are invited to apply for the Experiential Learning Development Program, an award focused on implementing the university strategic plan through the integration of high-impact experiential learning practices into degree plans. Examples of such practices include study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and mission trips.  

The objective for the ELDP is develop faculty understanding and expertise in Experiential Learning and to integrate experiential learning into all undergraduate degree plans. 

This program allows for departments to create a new experiential learning requirement — as well as enhance existing experiential learning — for an undergraduate degree program. Departments will also develop a strategy to ensure effective and evidence-based implementation. New experiential learning requirements developed through ELDP should align with program outcomes.

The goal of the Experiential Learning Development Program is to encourage and support departments and programs as they move through implementing the strategic plan into their departments.

Two faculty members from a department will be chosen for the ELDP cohort. Faculty who are chosen will: 

  • Be awarded $5000 ($2500 each) to work on the project during the summer.
  • Participate in monthly meetings between January and November with the Director of Experiential Learning, the Executive Director of the Adams Center, and other ACCEL (ACU’s Center for Careers and Experiential Learning) staff.
  • Gain understanding and develop capacity for best practices in experiential learning.
  • Spend the summer developing new course applications, degree plans, assignments, reflections, and/or assessments, as they apply to their plan. 

During the course of the year, cohort members will have the opportunity to learn about available support, brainstorm with other faculty, access training on experiential learning, develop curriculum proposals, and be mentored through the council process. 

To apply, departments should address the following questions in this form:

  • Faculty (2) who would work on the project and their experience with experiential learning.
  • Which major(s) and/or track(s) would the experiential learning requirement most likely fall under?
  • Describe any current required experiential learning component(s) in your department? If one does not exist, do you have experiential learning opportunities specific to your department which you recommend to students?
  • What are the benefits of experiential learning for students in your program? Where have you seen success?
  • Identify the program outcome(s) you hope a new experiential learning requirement will meet?

Only one application per department will be considered. Applicants should coordinate with their department chair before applying to ensure departmental support. Department chairs should email Derran Reese (derran.reese@acu.edu) confirming their support by November 13. 

The awards will be chosen by the Vice Provost, Director of Experiential Learning, Executive Director of the Adams Center, and co-Chair of the Faculty Development Committee. 

Applications are open, and all applications must be submitted by November 13th. Departments will be notified by December 4th. Priority will be given to departments who have not previously participated in ELDP.

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